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USA Contacts


To order Peter Lang books within the US (including a desk copy for course adoption) contact our Customer Service department via phone, fax, email or mail.

Email: customerservice@plang.com

Tel. (800) 770-LANG (In the US)
Tel. +1 (212) 647-7706 (callers Outside the US)
Fax +1 (212) 647-7707

Mailing address

Peter Lang Publishing Inc.
29 Broadway, 18th floor
New York, NY 10006

Peter Lang Publishing USA - Media & Communication

Peter Lang Publishing USA - Education
Peter Lang Publishing USA - Monographs


Desk copies can be ordered for course adoption consideration. We offer a 60-day review period for most desk copies. If the book is adopted at least five copies must be ordered for your class.  If you choose not to adopt the book, you can either return it to us within 60 days, or purchase it for your own collection. To order a desk copy of any Peter Lang textbook within the US please contact our Customer Service department.

Outside the US select "Order a desk copy" on the individual book page. For further information click here.

US Company directory

Name  Title  Email  Phone 
Farideh Koohi-Kamali Managing Director farideh.koohi@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3008
Alisa Pulver Assistant Editor alisa.pulver@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3005
Izmail Eyg Financial Manager izmaile@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3012
Patricia Mulrane Clayton Sales & Marketing Director pattym@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3007
Heather Boyle Associate Marketing Manager heatherb@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3016
Bernadette Shade Director of Production bernies@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3003
Sophie Appel  Design & Production Supervisor sappel@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3011
Jackie Pavlovic Production Supervisor jpavlovic@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3014
Janell Harris Production Assistant jharris@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3009
Michelle Salyga Acquisitions Editor michelle.salyga@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3015
Mary Savigar Senior Acquisitions Editor mary.savigar@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3010
Stephen Mazur Editorial Assistant smazur@plang.com 212-647-7700 ext. 3013
Inda Muntu Assistant Customer Service Manager imuntu@plang.com or customerservice@plang.com 1-800-770-LANG/ 3004

Customer Service Department customerservice@plang.com Tel: (800) 770-LANG
(In the US)

Tel: ++1 (212) 647-7706
(callers Outside the US)
Marketing Department marketing@plang.com