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New Trends in Specialized Discourse Analysis

Gotti, Maurizio / Giannoni, Davide S. (eds)

New Trends in Specialized Discourse Analysis

Series: Linguistic Insights - Volume 44

Year of Publication: 2006

Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2006. 301 pp.
ISBN 978-3-03911-184-8 pb.  (Softcover)

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Book synopsis

This volume brings together a selection of contributions presented at the 15th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes, held at the University of Bergamo (Italy) from 29 August to 2 September 2005. The conference title, «New Trends in Specialized Discourse», reflects the emphasis given to recent orientations in research, coming from established as well as new authors in the field.
As suggested by the title of this volume, the analysis of specialized discourse calls for a specialized discourse analysis. When applied linguists deal with vocational discourses, they are faced with a double challenge: on the one hand, an understanding of textualisations often alien to the general language; on the other hand, the use of analytical tools designed specifically for their investigation. The studies presented in this volume position themselves somewhere along this continuum, focusing alternatively on converging/diverging features of texts and discourses.


Contents: Maurizio Gotti/Davide S. Giannoni: Introduction – Christopher N. Candlin: Accounting for Interdiscursivity: Challenges to Professional Expertise – Marianne Grove Ditlevsen: Der Geschäftsbericht als komplexe Textsorte – Inger Askehave: Spirituality in the Corporate World – Patrick Leroyer/Bernt Møller : Intégration du genre dans le dictionnaire d’entreprise : Le cas des case stories – Donatella Malavasi: Evaluation in Banks’ Annual Reports: A Comparison of EL1 and EIL texts – Diana Yankova: The Interplay of Structural and Semantic Constituents in Statutory Texts – Stanisław Goźdź-Roszkowski: Frequent Phraseology in Contractual Instruments: A Corpus-based Study – Cecile Desoutter: Le processus de simplification du langage administratif en France – Aino Piehl: The Influence of EU Legislation on Finnish Legal Discourse – Khurshid Ahmad: Metaphors in the Languages of Science? – Susanne Göpferich: How Comprehensible are Popular Science Texts? The Use of Thinking-aloud Protocols and Log Files of Reverbalization Processes in Comprehensibility Research – Estrella Montolío Durán: Formación en técnicas de comunicación escrita dirigida a ingenieros de informática. El caso de la marcación de la operación textual de la enumeración – Paola Catenaccio: The SARS Crisis Coverage in the British Medical Journal and New Scientist.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

The Editors: Maurizio Gotti is Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Bergamo, Italy. He is currently President of the Italian Association of University Language Centres and Director of CERLIS, the research centre on specialized languages based at the University of Bergamo. His main research areas are the features and origins of specialized discourse, English syntax, and English lexicology and lexicography.
Davide S. Giannoni is a tenured researcher in English Linguistics, Language and Translation at the University of Bergamo, where he is currently involved in a national research project on ‘Identity and Culture in Academic Communication’. His research interests include the sociopragmatic and textual features of specialised discourse in academic, legal and business settings.


Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication. Vol. 44
Edited by Maurizio Gotti