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Official Bilingualism and Linguistic Communication in Cameroon<BR> Bilinguisme officiel et communication linguistique au Cameroun

Echu, George / Grundstrom, Allan W. (eds.)

Official Bilingualism and Linguistic Communication in Cameroon
Bilinguisme officiel et communication linguistique au Cameroun

Series: Francophone Cultures and Literatures - Volume 27

Year of Publication: 1999

New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., Wien, 1999. XX, 216 pp.
ISBN 978-0-8204-4092-7 pb.  (Softcover)

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Book synopsis

This book contains fourteen articles on current problems in maintaining two official languages, French and English, in a country where people speak 248 different indigenous languages. After an introduction describing the evolution of official bilingualism in Cameroon, six articles focus upon the challenges of teaching the official languages, especially in English-speaking areas. In Part II six articles describe linguistic interference between the two languages, especially the influence of French upon English in Cameroon. The concluding article suggests ways to promote French and English bilingualism in the country.
The book contains contributions in English and French.


Contents: George Echu: Introduction: Genèse et évolution du bilinguisme officiel au Cameroun – Etienne Zé Amvela: The Teaching of English in Francophone Primary Schools in Cameroon – Wilson Atem Ebot: Attitudes of Anglophones Studying English in Cameroon – Thomas Penn Tamba: Attitudes and Motivation of Francophone Cameroonian Learners of English Revisited – Dassi: D’une contribution grammaticale et normative du distributionnalisme à l’enseignement du français langue étrangère – Edmond Biloa: Bilingual Education at the University of Yaounde I: The Teaching of French to English-Speaking Students – David Ngamassu: Le Bilinguisme dans l’enseignement extra-scolaire au Cameroun – Paul Mbangwana: The Linguistic Deculturation of English Usage in Cameroon – Jean-Paul Kouega: The Influence of French on Cameroon English: A Case Study of the Registers of Administration and Finance – George Echu: Usage et abus de langage au Cameroun – Etienne Zé Amvela: English and French in Cameroon: A Study of Language Maintenance and Shift – Edmond Biloa: Structure phrastique du camfranglais: Etat de la question – Charles Alobwede d’Epie: African Indigenous Languages as Semi-Official Languages – George Echu: Conclusion: Le Bilinguisme officiel au Cameroun: Critique et perspectives.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

The Editors: George Echu studied at the University of Yaoundé I (Cameroon) before proceeding to France where he took degrees in International Studies and Language. In 1991 he defended a doctoral dissertation entitled «La rhétorique dans le discours diplomatique» at the University of Grenoble III (France). Since then Dr. Echu has been actively involved in teaching and research. He is presently lecturer in French and Linguistics at the University of Yaoundé I. In the area of research, his interest is principally in the teaching of French as a foreign language as well as official bilingualism and language contact in Cameroon.
Allan W. Grundstrom received his Ph.D. in Romance Linguistics from the University of Michigan in 1966; since then he has been Professor of French and Linguistics at Bucknell University. He is coeditor of Interrogation et intonation. Studia Phonetica 8 (1973) and author of L'Analyse du français (1983). He was cochair of the AATF National Commission on Cultural Competence (1992-1995) and has been the Director of Bucknell en France since 1987. He has been awarded the Lindback Award for distinguished teaching, the Sears Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award, and the Ruth Everett Sierzega Chair in Linguistics. In 1991 he was named Educator of the Year by the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association.


«This fascinating anthology covers a wide range of diversified but related issues such as the history of English-French bilingualism, bilingual education, language teaching, attitudes and motivation of language learners, as well as language use and usage - all within the Cameroonian context. It therefore provides a thorough insight into a rather complex linguistic universe that remains largely unexplored by scholars and language specialists. In short, given that research in the area of bilingualism and linguistic communication in Cameroon is still in its embryonic stage, the anthology has the credit of stimulating further research into this vast sociolinguistic paradise.
Furthermore, the book has that potential of presenting articles in English and French, usually through a simple straightforward style, thus making it accessible to a great number of readers irrespective of their background. Both linguists and language students will find the issues raised very challenging and thought provoking. Policymakers in Cameroon will find the recommendations contained in the volume useful in the implementation of a meaningful bilingual policy for their country.
This diligently prepared anthology by George Echu and Allan W. Grundstrom no doubt constitutes an indelible landmark in the history of linguistic research in Cameroon.» (Augustin Simo Bobda, Associate Professor of English, University of Yaoundé I)


Francophone Cultures and Literatures. Vol. 27
General Editors: Michael G. Paulson and Tamara Alvarez-Detrell