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Dangerous Encounters

Tamboukou, Maria / Ball, Stephen J. (eds.)

Dangerous Encounters

Genealogy and Ethnography

Series: Eruptions: New Feminism Across the Disciplines - Volume 17

Year of Publication: 2003

New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., Oxford, Wien, 2003. XI, 219 pp.
ISBN 978-0-8204-5795-6 pb.  (Softcover)

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Book synopsis

Dangerous Encounters: Genealogy and Ethnography explores the methodological and theoretical relationships between the epistemology and practices of ethnographic research and the epistemology and practices of Michel Foucault’s genealogical method. Using examples from a number of disciplines, researchers who have attempted the demanding interface between ethnography and genealogy discuss their methods and ontological assumptions and rehearse their doubts and problems. This collection provides a grounded and useful introduction for those who would follow this dangerous research path.


Contents: Maria Tamboukou/Stephen J. Ball: Genealogy and Ethnography: Fruitful Encounters or Dangerous Liaisons? – Sue Middleton: Top of Their Class? On the Subject of ‘Education’ Doctorates – Erica McWilliam: Writing Up, Writing Down: Authenticity and Irony in Educational Research – Stephanie Brown: Desire in Ethnography: Discovering Meaning in the Social Sciences – Debra N. A. Hayes: Getting Rid of the Subject: A Technique for Understanding how Gendered Subjectivities Form and Function in Educational Discourses – Susan Peters/Lynn Fendler: Disability, Flânerie, and the Spectacle of Normalcy – Kari Dehli: ‘Making’ the Parent and the Researcher: Genealogy Meets Ethnography in Research on Contemporary School Reforms – Wayne Martino: Masculinities: The Implications and Uses of Foucauldian Analyses in Undertaking Ethnographic Investigations into Adolescent Boys’ Lives at School – Erica Southgate: Liquid Handcuffs: A Tale of Power, Subjectivity, Risk, and the Drug Treatment Clinic – Maria Tamboukou: Genealogy/Ethnography: Finding the Rhythm.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

The Editors: Maria Tamboukou is Senior Lecturer in Psychosocial Studies at the University of East London and author of Women, Education and the Self: A Foucauldian Perspective. Her research interests are the sociology of gender and space, the exploration of Foucauldian analytics, and the use of auto/biographies in research. Writing genealogies is the main focus of her publications and current research work.
Stephen J. Ball is the Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of London, Institute of Education, where he is also Director of the Education Policy Research Unit. His books include The Micro-Politics of the School; Politics and Policymaking in Education; and Education Reform: A Critical and Post-Structural Approach. He edited the collection Foucault and Education, which has been translated into Spanish, Polish, and Japanese.


Eruptions: New Thinking across the Disciplines. Vol. 17
General Editor: Erica McWilliam