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The Theater of Educational Possibility

Weiner, Eric

The Theater of Educational Possibility

Where Teachers Learn to Think Critically and Teach Creatively
A gonzo collection of educational theories, practices and instructional techniques for inservice and preservice teachers

Year of Publication: 2011

New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2012. 182 pp., num. coloured and b/w ill.

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Book synopsis

The Theater of Educational Possibility is a graphic textbook dealing with the representation of the art and theory of teaching and learning. It merges images, poetry, academic and theoretical discourses, instructional techniques, sociological analysis, and music lyrics in an effort to show pre-service and in-service teachers and teacher-educators how to enact a critical and creative project of educational reform, renewal and transformation. It is designed to provoke and initiate dialogue and to encourage and support the creation of new knowledge about teaching, learning, literacy, culture, and power. The premise of The Theater arises from the idea that our teaching works best when it operates in authentic contexts of learning. Against the grain of both conservative and liberal educational thought, The Theater challenges educators to think critically and act creatively in the service of a more humane, peaceful and just future.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

Eric J. Weiner earned his PhD from Pennsylvania State University in 2001. He has been practicing critical pedagogy and critical literacy within the context of teacher education and undergraduate honors education at Montclair State University in New Jersey for the past ten years. His first book, Private Learning, Public Needs: The Neoliberal Assault on Democratic Education (Peter Lang) was published in 2005. His work crosses traditional academic disciplinary boundaries and focuses on the work of the imagination, the sociology of knowledge/power relations, critical literacies, schooling and indoctrination, and free-thinking. He is also an artist and published poet.


«Eric Weiner has given new meaning in ‘The Theater of Educational Possibility’ to the relationship between theory and practice in the field of critical pedagogy. He has produced a brilliant graphic representation of how to understand critical pedagogy and how to use it as a valuable resource for teaching. And he does so by mixing mediums and modes of address so as to embrace a wide variety of ways in which critical pedagogy can provoke, enlighten, and spark imaginative dialogue and critical teaching. This is a cutting edge book that is not only informative but a pleasure to read and from which to learn.» (Henry A. Giroux, Global Television Network Chair Professor, English and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, McMaster University)
«What a clever and passionate invitation to participate in critical transformations of teaching and learning! Eric Weiner’s mash-up of ideas, words, and images points to what schooling has been, why it is the way it is now, and where it could go in order to secure more democratic and egalitarian futures. This Theater is full of voices certain to fire your imagination.» (Patrick Shannon, Professor of Literacy, Language and Culture, Pennsylvania State University)