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Digital Ethics

Heider, Don / Massanari, Adrienne L. (eds.)

Digital Ethics

Research and Practice

Series: Digital Formations - Volume 85

Year of Publication: 2012

New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2012. XX, 233 pp.
ISBN 978-1-4331-1896-8 hb.  (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-4331-1895-1 pb.  (Softcover)

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Book synopsis

In a digital age of perceived anonymity and diminishing face-to-face contact what does it mean to be true to thyself? Has the internet given us license to be false to others, without consequence? Technology has given us capabilities we previously did not have and changed the way we think about time and space.
Although research is now being done on many aspects of the interplay between humans and technology, there currently exists a vacuum regarding behavior and usage of technology. This edited volume contains some of the best research on digital ethics from authors in communication, law, information studies, education, philosophy, political science, computer science, and business on topics that range from sexting to piracy.
This groundbreaking volume contributes to the growing body of knowledge in this area and provides a much-needed resource for scholars and teachers interested in exploring ethics in this new digital world.


Contents: Don Heider: Preface – Charles Ess: Foreword – Meghan Dougherty: Introduction – Sally Wyatt: Ethics of e-Research in Social Sciences and Humanities – Vanessa P. Dennen: When Public Words Are Not Data: Online Authorship, Consent, and Reasonable Expectations of Privacy – Katherine J. Carpenter/David Dittrich: Bridging the Distance: Removing the Technology Buffer and Seeking Consistent Ethical Analysis in Computer Security Research – Don Heider: Introduction – David Kamerer: Disclosing Material Connections Online: Legal and Ethical Issues – Jessica Roberts/Linda Steiner: Ethics of Citizen Journalism Sites – Mark Grabowski/Sokthan Yeng: To Post or Not To Post: Philosophical and Ethical Considerations for Mug Shot Websites – Erin Reilly: Shaping Our Shadow – Adrienne L. Massanari: Introduction – Jo Ann Oravec: The Ethics of Sexting: Issues Involving Consent and the Production of Intimate Content – Roland Wojak: Griefing Through the Virtual World: The Moral Status of Griefing – Brian Carey: Permissible Piracy? – Alex Gekker: Legionnaires of Chaos: «Anonymous» and Governmental Oversight of the Internet – Bastiaan Vanacker: Introduction – Anthony F. Beavers: Could and Should the Ought Disappear from Ethics? – Miguel Sicart: Instrumental Play or the Moral Risks of Gamification.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

Don Heider (PhD University of Colorado, Boulder) is the Dean of the School of Communication at Loyola University Chicago and founder of the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy. He is an award-winning journalist and teacher who has done extensive research in virtual worlds. He is the author/editor of several books including Living Virtually: Researching New Worlds (Peter Lang, 2008).
Adrienne L. Massanari (PhD University of Washington) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is co-editor of Critical Cyberculture Studies: Current Terrains, Future Directions (2006). Her research interests include the social and cultural impacts of new media, information architecture and user-centered design, and youth culture.


Digital Formations. Vol. 85
General Editor: Steve Jones