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The series publishes scholarly works in the field of German Studies. It is aimed at profiling scholarship that has been produced in Australia and New Zealand. The series accepts submissions in German or English across the full spectrum of scholarship, ranging from doctoral dissertations and monographs to anthologies and collected essays. The series is edited by Gerhard Schulz (University of Melbourne) and Tim Mehigan (University of Queensland).

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The South in the German Imaginary

Bauer, Lukas

The South in the German Imaginary

The Italian Journeys of Goethe and Heine

Volume 21

Year of Publication: 2015

ISBN 978-3-0343-1920-1 pb.

Snow from Broken Eyes

Millington, Richard

Snow from Broken Eyes

Cocaine in the Lives and Works of Three Expressionist Poets

Volume 20

Year of Publication: 2012

ISBN 978-3-0343-1069-7 pb.

Hans Fallada's Crisis Novels 1931-1947

Wilkes, Geoff

Hans Fallada's Crisis Novels 1931-1947

Volume 19

Year of Publication: 2002

ISBN 978-3-906770-32-1 pb.

Metaphor as Thought in Elias Canetti's <I>Masse und Macht</I>

Scott, David

Metaphor as Thought in Elias Canetti's Masse und Macht

Volume 18

Year of Publication: 1999

ISBN 978-3-906759-09-8 pb.

Heinrich von Veldeke: 'Eneas'

Fisher, Rodney W.

Heinrich von Veldeke: 'Eneas'

Volume 17

Year of Publication: 1992

ISBN 978-3-261-04538-6 pb.

Jews and Gentiles

Jakobowicz, Rachel

Jews and Gentiles

Anti-Semitism and Jewish Assimilation in German Literary Life in the Early 19th Century

Volume 16

Year of Publication: 1992

ISBN 978-3-261-04460-0 pb.

Literatur und Geschichte 1788-1988

Schulz, Gerhard / Mehigan, Tim / Adams, Marion (Hrsg.)

Literatur und Geschichte 1788-1988

Volume 15

Year of Publication: 1990

ISBN 978-3-261-03994-1 br.

Tradition and Creativity

Oettli, Peter H.

Tradition and Creativity

The Engelhard of Konrad von Würzburg: Its Structure and its Sources

Volume 14

Year of Publication: 1986

ISBN 978-0-8204-0302-1 pb.


Triffitt, Gregory B.

Kafka's 'Landarzt' Collection

Rhetoric and Interpretation

Volume 13

Year of Publication: 1985

ISBN 978-0-8204-0204-8 pb.


Hillman, Roger


The Novel and Society in Germany 1830-1900

Volume 12

Year of Publication: 1983

ISBN 978-0-8204-0010-5 pb.

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