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The series publishes scholarly works in the field of German Studies. It is aimed at profiling scholarship that has been produced in Australia and New Zealand. The series accepts submissions in German or English across the full spectrum of scholarship, ranging from doctoral dissertations and monographs to anthologies and collected essays. The series is edited by Gerhard Schulz (University of Melbourne) and Tim Mehigan (University of Queensland).

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Fischer, Steven R.

The Dream in the Middle High German Epic

Introduction to the Study of the Dream as a Literary Device to the Younger Contemporaries of Gottfried and Wolfram

Volume 10

Year of Publication: 1978

ISBN 978-3-261-03138-9 pb.


Marson, E.L.

The Ascetic Artist

Prefigurations in Thomas Mann's Der Tod in Venedig

Volume 9

Year of Publication: 1979

ISBN 978-3-261-03120-4 pb.


Alter, Reinhard

Gottfried Benn
The Artist and Politics (1910-1934)

Volume 8

Year of Publication: 1976

ISBN 978-3-261-01871-7 pb.


Stephens, Anthony R. / Rogers, H. Leslie / Coghlan, Brian (eds.)

Festschrift for Ralph Farrell

Volume 7

Year of Publication: 1977

ISBN 978-3-261-01637-9 pb.


Keller, Ernst

Kritische Intelligenz: G.E. Lessing - F. Schlegel - L. Börne

Studien zu ihren literaturkritischen Werken

Volume 6

Year of Publication: 1976

ISBN 978-3-261-01674-4 br.


Milfull, John

From Baal to Keuner / The «Second Optimism» of Bertolt Brecht

Volume 5

Year of Publication: 1974

ISBN 978-3-261-01015-5 pb.


Stoljar, Margaret

Athenäum: A Critical Commentary

Volume 4

Year of Publication: 1974

ISBN 978-3-261-01067-4 pb.


Stephens, Anthony R.

Rilkes Malte Laurids Brigge - Strukturanalyse des erzählerischen Bewusstseins

Volume 3

Year of Publication: 1974

ISBN 978-3-261-00888-6 br.


Roberts, David

Artistic Consciousness and Political Conscience - The Novels of Heinrich Mann 1900-1938

Volume 2

Year of Publication: 1971

ISBN 978-3-261-00328-7 pb.


Stankovich, Dushan

Otto Julius Bierbaum - eine Werkmonographie

Volume 1

Year of Publication: 1971

ISBN 978-3-261-00327-0 br.

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