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The books within this series include a broad range of topics within the category of communications. Typically, they are excellent monographs that have been subjected to a rigorous peer-review process. They tend to be written on topics that would not be suitable for our more specific series within each discipline. Many of the titles have won national and international awards. These books can be found in university library collections around the world.

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Forging the Bubikopf Nation

Vujnovic, Marina

Forging the Bubikopf Nation

Journalism, Gender and Modernity in Interwar Yugoslavia

Volume 5

Year of Publication: 2009

ISBN 978-1-4331-0628-6 hardback

Stolen Thunder

Harvey, Lisa St. Clair

Stolen Thunder

The Cultural Roots of Political Communication

Volume 4

Year of Publication: 1994

ISBN 978-0-8204-2339-5 hardback

The Social Context of the New Information and Communication Technologies

Zureik, Elia / Hartling, Dianne

The Social Context of the New Information and Communication Technologies

A Bibliography

Volume 2

Year of Publication: 1987

ISBN 978-0-8204-0413-4 hardback


Mousa, Issam Suleiman

The Arab Image in the US Press

Volume 1

Year of Publication: 1984

ISBN 978-0-8204-0069-3 pb.


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