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Gustafson, Susan / Applegate, Celia / Hart, Gail / Evers, Kai

German Studies in America

ISSN: 0721-3727

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The Editors of the German Studies in America book series welcome scholarly monographs in the field of German Studies in the broadest sense. This series adheres to the highest academic standards and is peer-reviewed. We are eager to consider manuscripts in English or German that develop new areas of research, those that offer new perspectives on familiar topics, and studies that adopt innovative approaches to German, Swiss, or Austrian history, literature, philosophy, national identity, popular culture, film, music, and visual art.

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Beckett, Bonnie A.

The Reception of Pablo Neruda's Works in the German Democratic Republic

Volume 42

Year of Publication: 1981

ISBN 978-3-261-04896-7 cloth


Metzger, Michael M. / Mommsen, Katharina (eds.)

Fairy Tales as Ways of Knowing

Essays on Märchen in Psychology, Society and Literature

Volume 41

Year of Publication: 1981

ISBN 978-3-261-04883-7 cloth


Whiton, Helga B.

Der Wandel des Polenbildes in der deutschen Literatur des 19. Jahrhunderts

Volume 40

Year of Publication: 1981

ISBN 978-3-261-04877-6 geb.


Schrader, Rebecca E.

A Method of Stylistic Analysis Exemplified on C.M. Wieland's «Geschichte des Agathon»

Volume 39

Year of Publication: 1980

ISBN 978-3-261-04796-0 cloth


Helbig, Louis F.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Die Erziehung des Menschengeschlechts

Historisch-kritische Edition mit Urteilen Lessings und seiner Zeitgenossen, Einleitung, Entstehungsgeschichte und Kommentar

Volume 38

Year of Publication: 1981

ISBN 978-3-261-04766-3 geb.


Manyoni, Angelika

Langzeilentradition in Walthers Lyrik

Volume 37

Year of Publication: 1980

ISBN 978-3-261-04765-6 geb.


Mittelmann, Hanni

Die Utopie des weiblichen Glücks in den Romanen Theodor Fontanes

Volume 36

Year of Publication: 1980

ISBN 978-3-261-04738-0 geb.


Weeks, Andrew

The Paradox of the Employee

Variants of a Social Theme in Modern Literature

Volume 35

Year of Publication: 1980

ISBN 978-3-261-04757-1 cloth


Stern, Dagmar C.

Hilde Domin - From Exile to Ideal

Volume 33

Year of Publication: 1980

ISBN 978-3-261-04718-2 cloth


Emmel, Hildegard

Weltklage und Bild der Welt in der Dichtung Goethes

2. revidierte Auflage
Nachwort von Katharina Mommsen

Volume 32

Year of Publication: 1979

ISBN 978-3-261-04640-6 geb.

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