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Kowalska, Malgorzata

Modernity in Question

Studies in Philosophy and History of Ideas

ISSN: 2193-3421

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The main idea behind this series is to publish works of Polish philosophers, sociologists and historians on topics related to contemporary debates on modernity and post-modernity. An interdisciplinary approach (represented for example by Zygmunt Bauman) will be welcome. In philosophy as well as in social and human sciences, the concept of modernity – its meaning, scope and transformations – has been widely discussed for some decades, particularly after the collapse of communism, both in Western and Eastern parts of the world. That crisis has been quite commonly described as the end, if not of modernity as such, at least of some modernity. Different terms are currently in use: post-modernity, hyper-modernity, late modernity, reflexive modernity and others. The change indicated in that way concerns transformations occurring in social, economical and political structures, but also in the manners of thinking, of conceptualising reality.

How can we define the changes occurring in reality and in our way of thinking when modernity or, at least, a certain modernity has been put into question? – That is the most important problem determining the agenda of the series. It seems to us that Polish and, more generally, Eastern-European or post-communist perspective could be highly relevant to the worldwide debate on the state and sense of modernity. Some Polish scholars have already taken part in this debate, even though their contributions are not yet known around the world.

The series is open to work emerging from research cooperation among East and West- European scholars. Authors are welcome to submit manuscripts of monographs, collected volumes, and post-conference volumes. Outstanding dissertations will also be considered for publication. Language of the publication in the series will be English, German as well as French.

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Illusion in Painting

Salwa, Mateusz

Illusion in Painting

An Attempt at Philosophical Interpretation

Volume 2

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN 978-3-631-64052-4 hb.
ISBN 978-3-653-02444-9 (eBook)

The Changing Guise of Myths

Leder, Andrzej

The Changing Guise of Myths

Philosophical Essays

Volume 1

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN 978-3-631-63225-3 hb.
ISBN 978-3-653-03596-4 (eBook)


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