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Journal of Translation Studies

The Journal of Translation Studies is a new initiative and has been created in response to a specific and rapidly emerging demand. Whereas there is a whole range of publications that focus, in their various ways, on individual aspects of studies in the field of translation, it has become clear that there are limited opportunities for the presentation of work resulting from multi-disciplinary approaches to translation and interpretation (T&I). The Journal of Translation Studies has the ambition of meeting precisely that demand, by offering a dedicated platform, an opportunity to bring together contributions from multiple horizons and which report on the most recent activities and advances in multi-disciplinary research and practice.

Accordingly, the Journal of Translation Studies aims to examine theoretical approaches to the interdisciplinary relations of translation and interpretation with a multitude of fields including economics, finance, law, management, cognitive sciences and others.

JTS is a peer-reviewed bi-annual publication designed to assume the role of a dedicated platform that collates contributions on the latest progress in multi-disciplinary research and practice in translation and interpreting (T&I). 

In cooperation with

Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation

Shanghai International Studies University

General Editors: Irene Zhang, Martin Forstner

Executive Editors: Zhengren Li, Ian Newton

Manuscript Editors: Cherry Jiang, Erin Li

Review Editor: Justine Ding

Style Editors: Peter Hsu, Qiang Li

Website Editors: Gangzhi Han, Simon Sheng

Editorial Administrator: Jason Chen

Advisory Board: Youyi Huang, Mingjian Zha, Hannelore Lee-Jahnke, Nikolai Garbovskiy, Peter Holzer, Arnt Lykke Jakobson, Youyong Wang, Meijuan Zhao

Editorial Board: Jean Marie Annoni, Christin Kamer Diehl, Lili Han, Jiasheng Hu, Olga Kostikova, Junhua Liu, Gary Massey, François Massion, Bernard Morard, Carmen Valero-Garcés, Dirk Verbeke, Xiaoling Zhang

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Volume 1/Issue 1/2021


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