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The Poetics of Literary Re-Reading


Liliana Sikorska

Contents: Marcin Cieniuch: Layers of fictionality. Reading Victorian medievalism in A. S. Byatt’s Possession – Lindsay Clarke: The alchemy of imagination – Anna Czarnowus: Artificial discourse of national belonging: the case of Anglo-Saxonism – Jacek Fabiszak: The gender of the Vice: from the Medieval she-vice to the Renaissance she-villain in Shakespeare’s Macbeth – Keiko Hamaguchi: Rewriting Arthurian legends in Soseki: «Kairoko» and Malory – Łukasz Hudomięt: The portrayal of (d)evil in Iris Murdoch’s The Flight from the Enchanter, A Fairly Honourable Defeat and The Time of the Angels – Dagmara Krzyżaniak: Medieval dramatic tradition revisited in Peter Barnes’ Red noses – Joanna Maciulewicz: Translations and imitations of medieval texts in Neoclassicism: Chaucer as a «rough diamond» that «must first be polished ere he shines» – Małgorzata Milczarek: The witch in English literature: negotiation of power and gender politics – Hans Sauer: Teaching the English Middle Ages of film - possibilities, problems, perspectives – Agnieszka Setecka: Alfred Tennyson’s «Vivien» and «Guinevere»: sensation stories in medieval setting – Liliana Sikorska: The alchemy of love: Representing desire in a medievalist (con)text. Lindsay Clarke’s The Chymical Wedding – Anna Warmuz: Medieval bestiaries and modern beasts - the making of beast fables in contemporary literature – Andrzej Wicher: Some Boethian and ecclesiological themes in C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters – Władysław Witalisz: Blind Hary’s The Wallace and Mel Gibson’s Braveheart: what do medieval romance and Hollywood film have in common?