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Engaging in Conversation about Ideas in Teacher Education


Fiona Benson and Caroline Riches

This collection of essays lays bare cutting-edge ideas – and the ensuing dilemmas – in teacher education. Through the agency of «conversation» leading educational thinkers grapple with one another as they debate ideas within particular strands of teacher education knowledge, and pose provocative questions to the reader. This innovative design compels the reader to engage in and further the dialogue, and in doing so to contribute, situate, and examine his or her own position.
Contents: Caroline Riches/Fiona J Benson: Introduction – Perspectives on Governance: Carolyn M. Shields: American Educational Governance: Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities Meet Paradox and Challenge - Peter P. Grimmett: Response - Peter P. Grimmett: The Governance of Canadian Teacher Education: A Macro-Political Perspective - Carolyn M. Shields: Response – Exploring the Landscape of Teacher Education: Ruth Kane: The Teacher Education Landscape of My Imagining - Thomas Falkenberg: Response - Thomas Falkenberg: Starting with the End in Mind: Ethics-of-Care-Based Teacher Education - Ruth Kane: Response – The Quality of Field Experience Programs: Clare Kosnik: It Is Not Just Practice: Conflicting Goals, Unclear Expectations, Mixed Messages - Jean-François Desbiens: Response - Jean-François Desbiens: Practical Training Must Be More than Just Good Will in the Field - Clare Kosnik: Response – Responding to Diversity and Demands for Social Justice: Claudia Mitchell: «This has nothing to do with us - or does it?» Youth as Knowledge Producers in addressing HIV and AIDS in a Canadian Preservice Education Program - Vianne Timmons: Response - Vianne Timmons: Overcoming Barriers to Inclusivity: Preparing Preservice Teachers for Diversity - Claudia Mitchell: Response – Imagining Sustainable Futures for the Work of Teachers: Anne M. Phelan: A New Thing in an Old World? Instrumentalism, Teacher Education, and Responsibility - James Trier: Response - James Trier: Subversive Engagements in Teacher Education - Anne M. Phelan: Response – Fiona J Benson/Caroline Riches: Afterword.