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Paulo Freire

The Man from Recife


James D. Kirylo

The unfolding of Paulo Freire’s philosophy, uniqueness, and the lens through which he viewed the world, which ultimately brought this gentle spirit of a man onto the world stage, began at a young age in his hometown of Recife, Brazil. Remarkably grounded in the wisdom of humility, yet gifted with a determined strength, deep insight, and perceptive intelligence, Freire not only believed in the human spirit, goodness, and the fostering of a more hopeful world, but was also profoundly committed to challenging individuals and political, educational, and religious structures that perpetuated the status quo. To that same end, this book recounts the life and thought of a remarkable man who appeared at a critical point in history, and whose courageous, prophetic voice of conscience remains extraordinarily relevant.

Donaldo Macedo: Foreword – Shirley R. Steinberg: Preface: In the Ninetieth Year – Acknowledgments – Introduction – Brazil: A Land of Many Contrasts – Part I: Life and Work: – It Began in Recife – The Educator (Before the Exile) – The Exile Years (1964–1980) – Returning Home – Influences: An Overview –Freirean Themes – Part II: Liberation Theology, Critical Pedagogy, and Legacy – Liberation Theology and Paulo Freire – Paulo Freire, Black Theology of Liberation, and Liberation Theology: A Conversation (with James H. Cone – An Overview of Critical Pedagogy: A Case in Point in Freirean Inspired Teaching – The Influence of Freire on Scholars: A Select List – An Interview with Ana Maria (Nita) Araújo Freire – The Man from Recife and Why He Matters – Peter McLaren: Afterword: Paulo Freire: Defending His Heritage to Remake the Earth – Appendix A – Appendix B – References – Index.