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Moving Sounds

A Cultural History of the Car Radio

Edited By Phylis Johnson and Ian Punnett

Moving Sounds explores the unique animating symbiosis that develops whenever previously unrelated technologies become intertwined and form a mutually invigorating relationship. When "car" and "radio" became permanently inculcated, it changed how both cars and radio were designed and experienced. Moving Sounds is the first book-length study exploring the relationship between the car and the radio. While much scholarship has been devoted to the general history of radio, radio’s unique relationship with the open road has been largely overlooked. The nascent interconnectivity between the early car and radio developers, and what they did to help each other, is another aspect of cultural history that is explored in Moving Sounds.

Figures – Robin Bertolucci: Moving Foreword: Why This Book Matters – Phylis Johnson/Ian Punnett: Preface: How to Use This Book – Phylis Johnson: A Few Words and Acknowledgments – Phylis Johnson/Ian Punnett: Moving Sounds: An Introduction – Phylis Johnson: The Road Trip in the Making – Donna Halper: On Women and Radio: Women in the Driver’s Seat – Phylis Johnson: Got Jesus in My Car Radio: Evangelism on the Road – Wafa Unus: From Airplane to "Zeppelin": A Quick Primer on Radio Traffic Reporting – Philip Jeter: Enter the Forties: Riding on Fumes, and Traveling with Talk and Tunes – Lady Dhyana Ziegler: Cadillac Radio – Jenny Johnson/Phylis Johnson: A Tidal Wave of Change: Surfin’ the Sixties on the Dashboard – Justin A. Williams: Los Angeles, Popular Music, and the Automobile – Ian Punnett: Car Trek: Morning Drive Radio … in Space! – Phylis Johnson/Jonathan Pluskota: Blackout: Testing the Airwaves and Hanging on by a Thread – Tim Hendrick: The Silver Age of AM/FM/Tape Car Stereos: An Oral History – Phylis Johnson: Role-Playing on Virtual Highways: Simulations and Soundscapes: What’s Inside the Connected Car of Tomorrow? – Jay Needham: Appendix: "Blacktop: The Radio Play" – Contributors – Index.