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Approaches to Iberian Cultural Studies


Edited By Jose Ignacio Alvarez Fernandez

This collection of essays is an interdisciplinary approach to Spain's contemporary literature and culture. The present essays examine literature, poetry, film, and history as well as cultural giants (e.g., Francisco de Goya, Luis Buñuel) that became icons of Spain as a whole. Ultimately Approaches to Iberian Cultural Studies is an inquiry into the social, cultural, and political shifts that affect how, what, and why individuals, groups, and societies remember and forget. This book would be a valuable addition to scholars and students interested in the exploration of Spanish literature and culture through the optic of interdisciplinary studies.

Agradecimientos – Jose Ignacio Alvarez Fernandez: Preface – Luis Fernández Cifuentes: Goya and Money (An exercise in materialist biography) – Victor Fuentes: Goya, el primer guion de Buñuel: con anticipación de su madurez creadora – José Colmeiro: Tracing Ghost Stories: Phantasmal Memories and Hauntology in Manuel Rivas’ O lapis do carpinteiro – James Mandrell: La otra parte del espejo: Memory and the Reader in Alberto Méndez’s Los girasoles ciegos – Francie Cate-Arries: Performing the Memory of Trauma in Madrid: Palimpsests of the Spanish Civil War, the Transition, and Global Citizenship in the Commemorative Discourses of March 11 – Sandra Barriales-Bouche: Del paraíso edénico a un mundo cívico: la dimensión ética de Cántico de Jorge Guillén – Jose Ignacio Alvarez Fernandez: Memoria, historia y nostalgia en Días del desván de Luis Mateo Díez – Malcolm Alan Compitello: Urban Fortunes: Spatializing the Community of Money in Alex de la Iglesia’s La comunidad – Marta Villar/T. Jefferson Kline: Palindrome and Chiasmus in Medem’s "Arctic Circle" – Mary S. Vásquez: Where the Wolf Sleeps: The Representation of Spain’s Anti-Fascist Guerillas in Montxo Armendáriz’s Film Silencio roto (2001) – Contributors.