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Communication Begins with Children

A Lifespan Communication Sourcebook


Edited By Thomas J. Socha and Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter

Communication Begins with Children: A Lifespan Communication Sourcebook seeks to transform the field of communication, arguing that the field must stop neglecting and segregating children and instead adopt an age-inclusive lifespan approach that fully includes and fully considers children in all communication theorizing, research, and education from infancy and throughout the human lifespan. One-size-fits-all, adult-centric communication theorizing, researching, and educating is inadequate and harms the communication field’s potential as a social force for positive change for all communicators. The volume contains four sections (Foundations, Relational Communication Development, Digital Communication Development, and Navigating Developmental Communication Challenges) that showcase state-of-the-art chapters about the history of children’s relational and digital communication studies, methods used to study children’s communication, media literacy development, communication and children’s health, and much more. A must read for all communication researchers, educators, and students and an important addition to advanced and graduate level human and digital communication courses.

Thomas J. Socha, Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter:  Introduction – Foundations – Thomas J. Socha, Narissra MPunyanunt- Carter: Comprehensive Communication Development during Childhood: First Steps in Positive Lifespan Communication – Thomas J. Socha: End the Neglect of Children and Transform the Field of Communication: A Critical-Experiential Review and Research Agenda – Thomas J. Socha: Studying Communication during the Early Lifespan: Rationale, Approaches, and Methods – Relational Communication Development – Gary A. Beck, Kristen Carr: Children, Parents, and Resilience: Exploring Challenges and Potential of Communication’s Contribution to Developmental Thriving – Malinda J. Colwell, Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo: Socio-emotional Development in Childhood and Adolescence Through Communication: An Overview – Paula S. Tompkins: Communication and Children’s Moral Development –Digital Communication Development – Alexis R. Lauricella, Fashina Alade, Ellen Wartella: An Historical Look at Children and Media Research: Lessons Learned and Questions Revisited – Robin Duffee, Sydney Cox, Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter: Parasocial Relationships and Children – Andrea McCourt, Jillian Yarbrough: Family Communication, Media Consumption, and Teens’ Body Image and Problematic Eating Behaviors: A Review – Danyella B. Jones: Arthur, Gay Marriage, and Contesting the Boundaries of Childhood: Socially Constructing Sexuality in Children’s Educational Television – Ronda M. Scantlin: Media Literacy Education as a Context for Children’s Communication – Navigating Developmental Communication Challenges – John Chetro-Szivos, Marit Eikaas Haavimb, Kimberly Pearce: CosmoKidz: Helping Children Make Better Social Worlds – Jenna R. LaFreniere : Lasting Impressions: Exploring Communicative Legacies of Children’s Experiences in Divorced Families – Jason S. Wrench, Wendy Bower: Social (Pragmatic) Impairment: The Impact on Communication Development – Michelle Miller-Day: At the Crossroads of Prevention: Promoting Children’s and Adolescents’ Health – Thomas J. Socha, Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter: Coda: The Urgent Need for Global, Inclusive, and Comprehensive Lifespan Communication – About the Co-editors – About the Authors –  Author Index – Subject Index.