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Jean-Jacques Rousseau on Adult Education and Revolution

Paradigma of Radical, Pedagogical Thought

Frederick W. Dame

This book is applicable to every country's education system: from rich, post-industrial USA, Europe, and Asia to poor, developing Middle and South America, Africa, and Asia; from republican-democracies to totalitarian states. The author has researched, analyzed, and interpreted Rousseau's educational philosophy from Emile, Du Contrat Social, Discours sur l'Inégalité, etc., and applied it to the areas of adult education and revolution, this being the first time they have been connected by Rousseau's theories. Radical educators (Meiklejohn, Illich, Freire) are presented as modern Rousseaus. The important roles of programs, family, and State are discussed. The contents are controversial, penetrative, caustic, thought-provoking. All those politically interested and involved, from adult educators to Zeitgeist politicians, should read Jean-Jacques Rousseau on Adult Education and Revolution.
Contents: Rousseau's Rhetoric - Education - Politics - Noble Savage - State of Nature - Man, Woman - Individual, State, Government - La Volonté Générale - Learners, Methods - Nature, Human Nature, Society, Le Contrat Social as Educators of Adults - Meiklejohn, Freire, Illich - Practical and Revolutionary Applications - Critique of Rousseau - Rousseau's Vita - Rousseau's Works.