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Towards a Common European Immigration Policy

Reports and Discussions of a Symposium held in Trier on October 24th and 25th, 2002


Bernd von Hoffmann

Immigration policy has become a very controversial subject for legal policy discussion in the European Union. Dramatic demographic changes make it evident that immigration is one of the means for replacing an ageing labour force and maintaining the social system. A comprehensive immigration policy has to take into account the needs of the labour market, efficient selection procedures and the cost of integration. In October 2002 the Institute for Legal Policy at the University of Trier held a workshop on those issues. Eminent specialists from different European countries presented papers on different aspects of immigration and integration in an interdisciplinary way. These papers and the discussion reports are contained in this volume.
Contents: Rainer Münz: Migration and Demographic Change in Europe – Karin Oellers-Frahm: National Immigration Policies in Comparative Perspective – Felicita Medved: A Common European Immigration Policy or How Common is Common Enough? – Christian Calliess: The Constitutional Framework of a Common European Immigration Policy - Paving the Way to Fortress Europe? – Anastasios Bisopoulos: Immigration and Labour Market Policies in the European Union: What Prospects and What Policies? A Challenge Europe is Facing Today – Joanna Apap: Shaping Europe’s Migration Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Member States’ «Green Card» Legislation: A Comparison of Strategies in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK – Heinz Werner: The Integration of Foreign Workers into the Labour Market: An EU Perspective – Sandrine van der Velde: Three Paradoxes in the Community Right to Family Reunification for Migrant Workers – Albrecht Weber/Anne Walter: The Right of Protection of Family for Migrants in Europe: Access and Integration of Family Reunion – Christine Langenfeld: Social Rights for Immigrants – Wolfgang Klooß: Historicizing/Contemporizing Multiculturalism in English-Canadian Literature.