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Reforming Federalism – Foreign Experiences for a Reform in Germany

Reports of a Symposium held in Trier on December 2 nd to 4 th , 2004 - hosted by the Institute for Legal Policy at the University of Trier - in Cooperation with the German Bundesrat


Gerhard Robbers

Germany’s federal order is, according to all political parties and social groups, under pressure of reform. An inter-parliamentary commission has been surveying all areas of federalism and was to propose models of reform late in 2004. The symposium’s aim was to analyse other federal systems, which are currently undergoing or have already undergone reforms in their federal orders. The Institute for Legal Policy therefore invited experts from various countries to discuss their experiences with problems and reforms of federalism. The results thereof are explored for the German perspective.
Contents: Horst Risse: The Bundesrat in the Federal Legislative Process - Bicameralism in Germany – André Alen/Koen Muylle: The Belgian Senate in a Federal State - Origins, Practice and Reforms – Beniamino Caravita di Toritto: Bicameralism in Italy: Its Past, Present and Future Outlook – Hans W. Kopp: Fiscal Federalism: Switzerland – Peter Bußjäger: Reforms on Fiscal Federalism in Austria – Arthur Gunlicks: State and Local Government Finance in the United States – Jean Leclair: Reforming the Division of Powers in Canada: An (Un)Achievable Endeavour? – Eliseo Aja: The Debate about Competencies in Spain.