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Experiencing Broadband Society


Julian Gebhardt, Hajo Greif, Lilia Raycheva and Claire Lobet-Maris

This volume represents a collection of recent thinking and research on the social and cultural aspects of contemporary broadband societies by exploring the social experiences and practices of using new information and communication technologies (ICT) within different contexts and domains of the emerging broadband society. It offers a compendium of the latest thoughts and questions on digitally mediated citizenship, networked identity, and sociality in the 21st Century and covers four main themes and empirical areas of research: uses and practices of new media, with particular focus on underprivileged groups, new media and the social differentiation of their use, ICT use and sustainable development, and finally new technologies, new challenges.
Contents: Julian Gebhardt/Hajo Greif/Lilia Raycheva/Claire Lobet-Maris/Amparo Lasen: Introduction: The Broadband Society and its Citizens – Tim Van Lier/Jo Pierson: Identification of community practices and co-creation by pre-adolescents: the case of Ketnet Kick – Beatriz Galán/Maidana Andrés Legal/D.I. Pedro Senar: Design and communication for local development: technological decisions in collaborative scenarios – Marina Borovik/Ludmilla Shemberko: Social Sciences Information User Behaviour and Searching Strategies in Multifarious Environment – Sarah Gallez/Anne-Claire Orban/Céline Schöller/Claire Lobet-Maris: Teenagers on the Net: Generational Divide, Autonomy, Liberty and Responsibility – Maria Sourbati: Non-Users in the Information Society Learning from the older generation – Inge Røpke/Kirsten Gram-Hanssen/Jesper Ole Jensen: Households’ ICT use in an energy perspective – Kerstin Wüstner: Attitudes towards mobile phone communication technology – Sharon Baurley/Erik Geelhoed/Philippa Brock/Andrew Moore: Communication wear: User feedback as part of a co-design process – Larissa Hjorth: Beyond the frame: The place of mobile and immobile media.