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The Global Human Problem

Ignorance, Hate, Injustice and Violence


Emmanuel K. Twesigye

The Global Human Problem: Ignorance, Hate, Injustice and Violence is a detailed philosophical-theological and axiological study, analysis and exposition of the global quintessential unique nature of the human being as God's special creature in the whole of the known cosmos. Characteristically, the author identifies the uniqueness of the human being with the human being's more developed and complex mental, linguistic, creative, moral and spiritual capacities which distinguish the human being as God's special creature and concrete moral representative agent or ambassador in God's creation. Subsequently, the author identifies the human reason for being in the world as that of stewardship, namely, taking loving care of all creation as well as one another, regardless of race, color, nationality, creed, ideology or gender. Consequently, prejudice, hate, Violence and war are all equally repudiated.
Contents: The material in this book falls in several fields, especially, philosophical-theological anthropology and axiology or ethics. This book attacks racism and prejudice not just in the world, but also from within the Church and the academia where it quietly resides in carefully worded racist theories that underlay many political and economic policies of the West when dealing with other nations, particularly, Africa.