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Readings in African American Language

Aspects, Features and Perspectives


Nathaniel Norment, Jr.

Readings in African American Language: Aspects, Features and Perspectives is the most comprehensive collection in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) available that provides various theoretical approaches of its origin, development, and advantages. The contributors provide many different perspectives and topics relevant to the study of African American language as an academic, social, cultural/linguistic entry in the field of language study.
Contents: David Dalby: The African Element in Black American English – John Baugh: A Survey of Afro-American English – Ernie A. Smith: The Historical Development of Ebonics – Ralph W. Fasold/Walter A. Wolfram: Some Linguistic Features of Negro Dialect – Elaine E. Tarone: Aspects of Intonation in Black English – John Myhill: The Rise of Be as an Aspect Marker in Black English Vernacular – Ronald R. Butters: The Black English {-Z}: Some Theoretical Implications – Ralph W. Fasold: Tense and the Form Be in Black English – Marvin D. Loflin/J. L. Dillard/Nicholas R. Sobin: Auxiliary Structures and the Time Adverbs in Black American English – Arthur K. Spears: The Black English Semi-Auxiliary Come – Edgar W. Schneider: The Origin of the Verbal -s in Black English – Lisa J. Green: Study of Verb Classes in African American English – Stefan Martin/Walter A. Wolfram: The Sentence in African American Vernacular English – Nathaniel Norment, Jr.: Discourse Features of African American Students‘ Writing – Arnetha F. Ball: Cultural Preference and the Expository Writing of African-American Adolescents – Kikanza Nuri Webber: Teaching about Black English: An Annotated Syllabus.