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Readings in African American Language

Aspects, Features, and Perspectives, Vol. 2


Nathaniel Norment, Jr.

Readings in African American Language: Aspects, Features, and Perspectives, Volume 2 brings together scholars who research various theoretical approaches of the origin, characteristics, and development of African American Vernacular English (AAVE). The advantages of AAVE, codeswitching, dialect interference in writing, theories, and politics in AAVE, text analysis, and critical pedagogy all are discussed in this volume. Each article provides a different perspective attesting to the vitality and relevance of African American language as an academic, social, and cultural/linguistic entry in the field of language studies.
Contents: Joseph L. Dillard: Perspectives on Black English – Ralph W. Fasold: Distinctive Linguistic Characteristics of Black English – Roger D. Abrahams: The Advantages of Black English – Charles E. DeBose/Nicholas Faraclas: An Africanist Approach to the Linguistic Study of Black English: Getting to the Roots of the Tense-Aspect-Modality and Copula Systems in Afro-American English – William A. Stewart: Sociolinguistic Factors in the History of American Negro Dialects – Michele D. Foster: Sociolinguistics and the African-American Community: Implications for Literacy – Fay Boyd Vaughn-Cooke: Are Black and White Vernaculars Diverging? – Charles E. DeBose: Codeswitching: Black English and Standard English in the African-American Linguistic Repertoire – Daniel H. Morrow: Dialect Interference in Writing: Another Critical View – Nathaniel Norment, Jr.: Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses of Textual Cohesion in African American Students’ Writing in Narrative, Argumentative and Expository Modes – Nathaniel Norment, Jr.: Some Effects of Culture-Referenced Essay Topics on the Writing Performance of African American Students – Marcyliena Morgan: Theories and Politics in African American English – Geneva Smitherman: Toward Educational Linguistics for the First World – Thomas Kochman: Culture and Communication: Implications for Black English in the Classroom.