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Keeping the Promise

Essays on Leadership, Democracy, and Education


Dennis Carlson and C.P. Gause

This volume raises critical questions about the qualities of democratic educational leadership during a time when the promise of democratic education and public life risks being abandoned, forgotten, and emptied of meaning. A diverse chorus of scholars in education take on this issue by analyzing the cultural context of educational leadership in the age of No Child Left Behind, by offering democratic counter-narratives of educational leadership, and by deconstructing popular culture representations of educational leaders. In doing so, they re-situate leadership within a political context and link it to struggles over social justice and human freedom. The contributing scholars also radically re-think educational leadership in ways that include teachers, university-based educators, and scholars as leaders.
Contents: Dennis Carlson/Charles P. Gause: Introduction – Dennis Carlson: Are We Making Progress? The Discursive Construction of Progress in the Age of «No Child Left Behind» – Michael W. Apple: Schooling, Markets, Race, and an Audit Culture – Richard A. Quantz: Leadership, Culture, and Democracy: Rethinking Systems and Conflict in Schools – Jackie M. Blount: Some Historical Tensions about Sexuality and Gender in Schools – Valerie Scatamburlo-D’Annibale/Juha Suoranta/Peter McLaren: Excavating Hope among the Ruins: Confronting Creeping Fascism in Our Midst – Catherine A. Lugg: Sissies, Faggots, Lezzies, and Dykes: Gender, Sexual Orientation, and a New Politics of Education? – Michael E. Dantley: Re-Radicalizing the Consciousness in Educational Leadership: The Critically Spiritual Imperative toward Keeping the Promise – Joanne Chesley: Student Engagement and Academic Achievement: A Promising Connection – Camille Wilson Cooper/Charles P. Gause: «Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?» Facing Identity Politics and Resistance When Teaching for Social Justice – Charles P. Gause/Ulrich C. Reitzug/Leila E. Villaverde: Beyond Generic Democracy: Holding Our Students Accountable for Democratic Leadership and Practice – Kathleen Knight Abowitz/Kate Rousmaniere: Margaret Haley as Diva: A Case Study of a Feminist Citizen-Leader – Rochelle Garner: Unpacking on a Long Journey Home: A Lesson on Race, Identity, and Culture – Lauri Johnson: Making Her Community a Better Place to Live: Lessons from History for Culturally Responsive Urban School Leadership – Lori Chajet: The Power and Limits of Small School Reform: Institutional Agency and Democratic Leadership in Public Education – Michelle Fine: Resisting the Passive Revolution: Democratic, Participatory Research by Youth – Stephanie A. Flores-Koulish: Media Literacy: An Entrée for Preservice Teachers into Critical Pedagogy? – Glenn M. Hudak: Leadership-With: A Spiritual Perspective on Professional & Revolutionary Leadership in a Digital Culture – Linda C. Tillman: Halls of Anger: The (Mis)Representation of African American Principals in Film – James Trier: Critically Examining Popular Culture Representations of Educators.