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ESOL Provision in the UK and Ireland: Challenges and Opportunities


Edited By Freda Mishan

Situated within the context of unprecedented levels of inward migration to the UK and Ireland bringing with it all the complexities of integration, this volume focuses on a key aspect of this - language provision. Through the voices of stakeholders in the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL), this volume critically examines models of language provision and integration, the relationship between language and identity, developing ESOL practices and ESOL policy. A distinctive feature is the diversity of contributions, ranging from research studies to vignettes presenting living portraits of ESOL practice on the ground. The volume fills an urgent gap in this area, offering a snapshot of the ‘state of the art’ of ESOL in the UK and Ireland and projections of how the needs of new migrants can be addressed into the future.


CONTENTS: James Simpson: Foreword - Freda Michan: Introduction: The ESOL landscape of the UK and Ireland - Philippa Grimes: Vignette 1 2016-17: Creating an Identity: ‘Can I put "diamond trader" on my CV? (What it really means to migrate to the UK through Calais) - Kevin McCarthy: The Construction of an Independent Irish Identity - Sundus Ameer: Effects of the UK’s government language policy on ESOL for citizenship learners and teachers - Smita Ray: Socioeconomic Class and Learning English as a Second Language: A Case Study of Gujarati Women in London - Diana Tremayne: Vignette 2 ESOL outside the traditional classroom setting: The Language Café - Michelle Benson: Case Study 1 Full time ESOL Provision 2002 – 2017 Limerick City Ireland - Mike Chick: Refugee resettlement in rural Wales: A collaborative approach - Bronagh Ćatibušić, Fiona Gallagher and Shadi Karazi: An investigation of ESOL provision for adult Syrian refugees in Ireland: Voices of support providers - Jeremy idle and Lyn Ma: Motivating Unaccompanied Minors in the ESOL Classroom - Diana Tremayne: Vignette 3 ESOL outside the traditional classroom setting: Heart and Parcel – combining dumplings and ESOL - Steve Brown:  ESOL, Emancipation and ‘Comfort Radicalism’: Perceptions of ESOL Practitioners in the Scottish Further Education Sector - Angela Farrell and Joanna Baumgart: Building partnerships between teacher education programmes and post-primary schools in Ireland to better address the needs of EAL pupils - Martha Young-Scholten and Rola Naeb: Online training and development for those who work with adult migrants with little or no home language schooling - Siân Etherington: Case Study 2 Volunteer teachers working together: A Refugee support group case study - Philippa Grimes: Vignette 4 2014-15: ‘Severe and multiple deprivation’ and the ESOL Research Forum - Philippa Grimes: Vignette 5 2012-13: ESOL and Superdiversity in Birmingham, UK - Bronagh Ćatibušić, Fiona Gallagher and Shadi Karazi: Beyond ESOL provision: perspectives on language, intercultural and integration support for Syrian refugees in Ireland - Ann Cowie: Case Study 3 Are we failing ESOL literacy students by not taking account of SLA research in our approaches to teaching them? - György Nagy: Towards intercultural competence: A model-based framework for improving ESOL learners’ cultural content knowledge - Kathryn Aldridge-Morris: Vignette 6 The Learners that Publishers Forgot - Freda Mishan: ESOL provision in the UK and Ireland - Challenges and Opportunities: Conclusion