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Food, Space, and Place in a Global Society

Edited By Carlnita P. Greene

Foodscapes explores the nexus of food, drink, space, and place, both locally and globally. Multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary in scope, scholars consider the manifold experiences that we have when engaging with food, drink, space, and place. They offer a wide array of theories, methods, and perspectives, which can be used as lenses for analyzing these interconnections, throughout each chapter. Scholars interrogate our practices and behaviors with food within spaces and places, analyze the meanings that we create about these entities, and demonstrate their wider cultural, political, social, economic, and material implications.

Carlnita P. Greene: Introduction: Mapping the Contemporary Foodscape—Intersections Between Food, Space and Place – June Brawner: "You Can Taste It in the Wine": Terroir and the Embodiment of Place – Kathryn E. Sampeck: Chocolate, Place, and Space: Cacao Terroir and Pre-Columbian to Early Modern Political Geographies – Ryan S. Eanes: The Restaurant: A Perfect Collision of Public and Private? – Michael Pennell: Music to Our Mouths: Ambiance, Place, and Flavor in Modern Dining – Michael S. Bruner/Elizabeth Phillips: Food at School – Melanija Belaj/Jelena Ivanišević: The Contemporary Allure of a Food Market: An Ethnographic Study of Dolac Market – Christine Hippert: "Put It on My Tab": Dominican-Haitian Relations and Buying Food on Credit in Neighborhood Corner Stores – Ross Singer: Agrarian Myth, Public Memory, and the Industrial Food Narrative of American Family Farming at Iowa’s Living History Farms Open-Air Museum – Courtney Thorsson: Kitchen, Nation, Diaspora: Ntozake Shange’s African American Foodways – Zachary Hecht: #London Vegans – Leda Cooks: Bodies, Places and Spaces for Food Taste and Waste – Irina Gendelman/Jeff Birkenstein: Teaching Travel through Wandering and Food – David Szanto: Touring Taste and Place: A Performance of Tongues, Terroir, and Taters – Contributors – Index.