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First-Generation College Student Experiences of Intersecting Marginalities


Edited By Teresa Heinz Housel

First-Generation College Student Experiences of Intersecting Marginalities examines the intersecting relationships between a student’s identity as a first-generation college student (FGCS) and other identities such as race, class, LGBTQ+, and spiritual identity. This book breaks new ground by examining highly diverse populations of FGCS, rather than predominantly White undergraduates at four-year public universities. First-Generation College Student Experiences of Intersecting Marginalities explores the intersections of identities that may be marginalized in different ways across a student’s educational journey in research-grounded chapters that discuss real academic experiences of faculty, administrators, graduate students, and undergraduates.

Carolyn Calloway-Thomas: Preface – Teresa Heinz Housel: Acknowledgments – List of Abbreviations – Section One: The Weight of Intersecting Marginalized Identities – Teresa Heinz Housel: The Importance of Intersecting Marginalized Identities in Considering: What Is Known and Not Known About First-Generation College Students – Audra K. Nuru/Tiffany R. Wang/Jenna Abetz/Paris Nelson: "I Felt the Invisible Hand of Inequity Fall Firmly on My Shoulders, Holding Me Back": Exploring the Intersectional Identities of First-Generation College Student Women – Trott Nely Montina/Jonathan Mathias Lassiter: From Invisible Trailblazers to Insurgent Leaders: An Intergenerational Narrative of Transcendence at the Intersection of Race, Class, Sexual Orientation, and Spirituality – Micaela Rodriguez/Sascha Hein/Leslie A. Frankel: The (Im)Possible Dream – Paulette D. Garcia Peraza/Angela-MinhTu D. Nguyen: Latinx First-Generation College Students’ Career Decision Self-Efficacy: The Role of Social Support, Cultural Identity, and Cultural Values Gap – Rebecca Mercado Jones: Academic (Im)Posturing: A Critical Autoethnography of Becoming a Latinx, First-Generation College Student and Professor – Section Two: Considering Invisible Marginalities – Teresa Heinz Housel: "If We Had Used Our Heads, We Would Be Set." Intersections of Family, First-in-the-Family Status, and Growing Up in Working-Class America – Andrea L. Meluch: Living With Anxiety as a First-Generation College Student: Intersections of Mental Health and the First-Generation College Student Experience – Jacob O. Okumu/Kay-Anne P. Darlington: Navigating Multiple Marginalized Identities: Experiences of an Emancipated First-Generation Transgender Foster Care College Student – Danica A. Harris: I Belong Here, Too – Section Three: The Role of Intersecting Marginalized Identities in Institutional Socialization – Xamuel Bañales: Outside/Inside (Higher) Education: Colonizing Oppression, Intersectional Struggles, and Transformative Opportunities for Marginalized First-Generation College Students – Gloria Aquino Sosa/Pietro A. Sasso/Tracy Pascua Dea: Supporting the Lived Experiences of First-Generation College Students: Implications From the UNiLOA and DSDM Student Success Model – Teresa Heinz Housel: Translating Knowledge Into Action: Making Intersecting Marginalized Identities Visible in the Classroom and Beyond – Contributors – Index.