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A Critical Study of Classical Religious Texts in Global Contexts

Challenges of a Changing World

Edited By Beth E. Elness-Hanson and Jon Skarpeid

A Critical Study of Classical Religious Texts in Global Contexts: Challenges of a Changing World challenges toxic stereotypes of world religions by providing scholarly investigations into classic sacred texts in global contexts. By engaging more perspectives, important connections, and more, complex and humanizing "stories" are developed, inviting the reader to see the face of the "Other" and, perhaps, to see a bit of oneself in that face. In today’s world of increasing polarization and the rise of nationalism, the contributors to this volume welcome the reader to join them in a shared humanity that seeks understanding. A red thread that runs through each chapter relates to the challenges that globalization brings to the sacred texts in various contextual settings. The contributors describe various circumstances related to reading and interpreting sacred writings—whether historical or more recent—which continue to have an influence today. The essays in this volume view these religious texts in relation to four dichotomies: minority-majority, diaspora-homeland, center-periphery of the globalized world, and secular-religious. These elements by no means exhaust the issues, but they serve as a starting point for a discussion of relevant contexts in which sacred texts are read. The breadth of research represented stimulates a deeper understanding that is vital if we are to move beyond stereotypes and religious illiteracy to meaningfully engage the "Other" with wisdom and empathy—important virtues in today’s world. A Critical Study of Classical Religious Texts in Global Contexts will appeal to scholars and graduate students of religious studies, sacred scriptures, and post-colonial studies, as well as informed and inquisitive general readers interested in exploring interfaith dialogue and broadening their religious literacy.

Foreword – Acknowledgments – Part One: Introduction for Classic Religious Texts in Global Contexts – Beth E. Elness-Hanson/Jon Skarpeid: Introduction for Classic Religious Texts in Global Contexts – Part Two: Defining the Contexts – Jon Skarpeid: Globalization and Religion: Defining the Contexts – Part Three: Secular Contexts at the National Level – Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo: "The Great Binding Law of Peace": International Judicial-Political-Economic Impacts of the Revered Story of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy – Gunnar Magnus Eidsvåg: Religious Education and Pluralism in Norwegian Kindergartens – Marta Høyland Lavik: "I bring it with me everywhere": The Materiality of the Bible in Critical Illness – Part Four: Diaspora: Group and Individual – Gerd Marie Ådna – Sacred Texts and Muslim Youth in Turkish-Norwegian Diaspora Communities – Jonas Svensson: The Multifaceted Scripture: Patterns, Conflicts, and Ambiguities in Muslim Ways of Relating to the Qur’an – Part Five: Intercultural Bible Reading and Hermeneutics – Beth E. Elness-Hanson: Multi-Epistemological Exegesis: The Strength of Hybridity With a Case Study Analysis of Exod 20:4–6 – Knut Holter: Malagasy, Thai, and Norwegian Youths Reading Luke 15 Together – Olav Hammer: Occult Scriptural Exegesis: Theosophical Readings of the Bible – Contributor Biographies.