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The Politics of Marijuana

A New Paradigm

Edited By Timothy McGettigan

The phenomenon of "legal cannabis" is instigating a great deal of new research, political intrigue, and social change. The Politics of Marijuana: A New Paradigm explores the socio-political dimensions of cannabis as the world transitions from Harry Anslinger’s Reefer Madness prohibition to an as-yet-to-be-defined future. This book brings together a wide variety of perspectives on the past, present, and fast-changing future of cannabis.

Timothy McGettigan: Preface: Forbidden Knowledge: Cannabis and Paradigm Shift – Acknowledgments – Timothy McGettigan: Section One: Cannabis and Social Injustice – Martin A. Lee: Marijuana for the Masses – Earl Smith/Angela J. Hattery: Policing the Black Body: Stop & Frisk and the War on Drugs – Albert and Sophie Two Hawk: Native American Perspective – Don Burnes: Cannabis and Homelessness – Howard Wooldridge: Cops Say Legalize Pot – Timothy McGettigan: Section Two: New Pathways in Cannabis Research – Hinanit Koltai/Doron Friedman/Dvory Namdar: Towards Medicalization of Cannabis sativa: Challenges and Prospects – Jane M. Fraser: Sustainability as a Framework for Impacts, Policies, and Politics – Tim Peters: Cannabis and Schools: Post-Legalization – Paul Armentano: Are THC Concentrations Appropriate Indicators of Psychomotor Performance? – Rachel F. Giraudo: Blazing a Trail: Cannabis Tourism in the United States – Robert Melamede: From Cells to Societies: A Dynamic Fractal – Timothy McGettigan: Section Three: Cannabis and Special Health Concerns – Moriah Barnhart: CannaMoms – M. Teri Robnett – Including PTSD in Colorado: The Intersection Between Research, Politics, and Public Opinion in Medicinal Cannabis Policy – Marcie Cooper: A Natural Approach to Comfort: Why Hospice Patients Are Choosing Cannabis – Timothy McGettigan: Section Four: Art, Industry, and Finance – Sundie Seefried: Bringing Banking to the Cannabis Industry – Austin Davie/James E. Parco/Haley Parco/David A. Levy/Matthew Wheatley/Phoenix Van Wagoner: Black, White, and Green: The Effect of Legalization on Colorado’s Black Market of Cannabis – Anne Scott: Hemp as a Sustainable Approach to Fashion – Aharon (Ari) Eyal: Medical Cannabis Manufacturing Plant of the Future: The Israeli Perspective – Fred Krissman: "Best Practices" in the Emerald Triangle: Cannabis and Capitalist Cultures in Northern California – Timothy McGettigan: Section Five: Future Horizons – Jonathan Walker: Why to Expect Federal Marijuana Legalization in 2022 – Timothy McGettigan: Epilogue: Science, Truth, and Tomorrow – Contributor Biographies – Index.