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Internal Migration

Challenges in Governance and Integration

Edited By Shane Joshua Barter and William Ascher

Internal Migration: Challenges in Governance and Integration focuses on the challenges associated with internal migration across the developing world. While international migration captures significant attention, less attention has been paid to those migrating within recognized national borders. The sources of internal migration are not fundamentally different from international migration, as migrants may be pushed by violence, disasters, state policies, or various opportunities. Although they do not cross international borders, they may still cross significant internal borders, with cultural differences and perceived state favoritism generating a potential for "sons of the soil" conflicts. As citizens, internal migrants are in theory to be provided legal protection by host states, however this is not always the case, and sometimes their own states represent the cause of their displacement. The chapters in this book explain how international organizations, host states, and host communities may navigate the many challenges associated with internal migration.

List of Tables and Figures – Acknowledgments – List of Abbreviations – Shane Joshua Barter/William Ascher: Internal Migration: Challenges in Governance & Integration — Alicia Elaine Luedke: Preventing and Responding to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in and Around South Sudan’s Protection of Civilian (POC) Sites — Juan Esteban Zea: How IDPs Navigate the Resettlement Process in Bogotá, Colombia — Lee J. M. Seymour/Marek Brzezinski: Unsettled States: Displacement, Governance, and Integration in the South Caucasus — Rumela Sen: Competing Mobilization of Tribal and Class Identity: Politics of Internal Migration in North India — Vineeta Yadav: The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones and Internal Displacement in India — Isabelle Côté: "Adopting Migrants as Brothers and Sisters"—Fictive Kinship as a Mechanism of Conflict Resolution and Conflict Prevention in Lampung, Indonesia — Shane Joshua Barter: Displacement and Reintegration in Aceh, Indonesia — Ivan V. Small: Vexed Returns: Vietnamese Returnee Interactions With Home and State — Contributor Biographies — Index.