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Industrialising Africa

Unlocking the Economic Potential of the Continent

Horman Chitonge

Industrialising Africa examines the prospect of industrial development on the African continent from a structural transformation perspective. The book demonstrates that industrial development in Africa remains elusive due to an incomplete decolonization of African economies. Through a detailed discussion of the current status of industrial development and the past industrialisation strategies implemented on the continent, Industrialising Africa clearly shows that sustained industrial growth will remain unattainable as long as African economies continue to operate under the colonial economic structure and logic, in which African countries have specialised in supplying raw materials to industrial centres. Industrialising Africa argues that if Africa is to have a chance to significantly grow its industrial sector, it must decentre the colonial economic logic and learn to build industrial capabilities through an aggressive industrial strategy.

List of Tables – List of Figures – Preface – Acknowledgments – Abbreviations – Industrialising Africa: The Key Arguments – Industrialisation, Economic Growth and the Transformation of Society – Industrial Development in Africa: An Overview – Industrialisation and Development Planning in Africa – Industrial Development Strategy in National Development Plans – Industrialisation and Structural Transformation in Africa – The State and Industrialisation in Africa – Industrialisation and the Agrarian Question in Africa – Entrepreneurship and Industrialisation in Africa: Can the Cheetah Generation Deliver? – Constructing Pillars for Africa’s Industrialisation in the 21st Century – Appendixes – Index.