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Ikebana Politica

notas, poemas y ejercicios 2005 – 2015


Claudia del Rio

This book is a diary derived from the careful editing of a vast series of notebooks: a complete yet diverse ensemble of investigations, lecture notes, travel diaries, poems, short fictions, summaries, and projects. Owing to the performance of her writing, the image created shows not only the life of an artist but also the way she transmits her experience, and how she conceives the current state of the arts. Between self-help and an artistic Frankenstein, this book covers ten years of atomized writing, scattered notes which have found their axis many years later. Experience is considered to be a multisensorial collage, and drawing is a modest and subtle companion, but also a powerful tool to transform reality. For the author, writing is pouring life directly into notebooks: a mobile registry which records impressions at any time, and at its own pace.

SUMARIO: 2005: La geometría tranquiliza – 2006: ¿Quién quieres que te eduque? – 2007: Argentina es un país lleno de gestos – 2008: ¿Será el arte argentino una artesanía desesperada? – 2009: Enero no existe en esta parte del mundo – 2010: No somos Europa, me digo cada mañana cuando me pongo las ojotas – 2011: La curiosidad me dio una vida – 2012: ¿La cátedra es fordista o pyme? – 2013: Como si el Facebook fuera ahora mi diario – 2014: El taller es un núcleo – 2015: Diario de Bispo. Río de Janeiro.