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Regional Discourses on Society and History

Shaping the Caribbean

Edited By Jerome Teelucksingh and Shane Pantin

This book thematically analyses and surveys areas of Caribbean history and society. The work is divided into three parts: part one addresses migration and identity; part two explores policy and development; and part three explores music and literature. The volume places a fresh perspective on these topics. The essays depart from the usual broader themes of politics, economics and society and provide a deeper insight into forces that left a decisive legacy on aspects of the Caribbean region. Such contributions come at a time when some of the Caribbean territories are marking over 50 years as independent nation states and attempting to create, understand and forge ways of dealing with critical national and regional issues. The volume brings together a broad group of scholars writing on Caribbean issues including postgraduate students, lecturers, and researchers. Each chapter is thematically divided into the aforementioned areas. This book addresses areas much deeper than the linear historical and social science models, and it offers Caribbean academics and researchers a foundation for further research.

List of Table – Acknowledgments – Jerome Teelucksingh/Shane Pantin: Introduction – THEME 1: Migration and Identity – Peter Timothy: Visionaries, Pioneers, Apostles and Healers: The Contribution of Migrants from Trinidad and Tobago to the Development of Black Britain, 1948–1986 – Ronald C. Noel: The Migration of West Indian Women from the Caribbean Community to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States of America from the 1960s to the 1990s: A Coping Strategy – James Cantres: Black Power and West Indian Cricket Exercises in Post-Nationalism – Aakeil Murray: From PAOC to PAWI: The Transition to Regional Leadership, Global Influences, Internal Forces and Pentecostal Expansion in Trinidad, 1964–2002 – THEME 2: Social Policy and Development – Claudius Fergus: The Contribution of Calypso in Transforming Race Relations in Trinidad and the Wider Caribbean Through the Subject of Cricket – Rose-Marie Belle Antoine: Engendering Justice for Women – Kerry Sumesar-Rai: Crisis of Governance in Small States: Leadership and Ideology in the Anglophone Caribbean – Jerome Teelucksingh: Fighting a Losing Battle?: Labour in Trinidad and Tobago – THEME 3: Music and Literature – Gelien Matthews: Lyrics to Build a Nation – Allison O. Ramsay: Mapping a Musical Journey of Soca in the Crop Over Festival of Barbados – Adonis Díaz Fernández: Recuperating the Lost Voice of Esteban Montejo in Miguel Barnet´s Biografía de un cimarrón – Nicole Roberts: Re-reading Historical Forces: Slavery and Its Vestiges in Afro-Hispanic Culture in Mayra Santos Febres’ Fe en disfraz – List of Contributors.