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A Textbook of Translation and Interpreting Research Methods

From Principle to Practice

Alireza Akbari

This book seeks to (1) familiarise Translation and Interpreting (T/I) students/researchers/scholars with different qualitative and quantitative (various statistical and mathematical formulae and equations) techniques when analysing and interpreting results/findings; (2) make T/I students, researchers, and scholars more critical and prudent readers of both qualitative and quantitative research methods; (3) improve the quality of T/I scholars’ research papers employing various qualitative and quantitative research methods; and (4) facilitate the teaching/instruction of qualitative and quantitative research methods in T/I classrooms.

Unlike most translation and interpreting research books, this book discusses both qualitative and quantitative aspects of T/I studies. It also proposes some new and updated information regarding translation assessment and evaluation products. This text also covers the applicability of abstracting and indexing as most translation and interpreting students are not familiar with journal metrics regarding where and how to publish their research papers. Last but not least, the book includes different translation and interpreting examples, Learn More! and Read More! sections which add to the book.