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Data Rights Law 2.0

The System Construction

SSAP International

Edited By Yuming Lian

Human rights, real rights, and data rights will be the three categories of fundamental rights of mankind in the future. Data rights, in essence, are the rights to share and the ultimate manifestation of data ownership. They aim at the effective use of data and holds special significance for our future life.


The digital civilization is the value justification and driving force of the creation of the data rights law, while the data rights law offers basis for the existence of the digital civilization, helping maintain its systems and improving its order.

Democracy and Law Times

The research of the data rights law is a grand groundbreaking project and a major social and academic issue that future generations will have to continue to work on.

China and Africa Daily

In this sense, the data rights law is the product of a leap of our civilization and its order, and it pushes for the leap of the human world from the industrial civilization to the digital civilization.


The proposal of the data rights law has laid a legal foundation for us to safeguard national data sovereignty, take form hold on our right to formulate data rights rules, have our voice heard in the international community in the field of data rights, and promote the rule of law in global cyberspace governance. It is of special importance to the building of a community with a shared future in cyberspace.

World Chinese Weekly

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