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A Hypertextual Commentary


Bartosz Adamczewski

This monograph demonstrates that the book of Genesis is a result of highly creative, hypertextual reworking of the book of Deuteronomy. This detailed reworking consists of around 1,000 strictly sequentially organized matter, and at times also linguistic correspondences between Genesis and Deuteronomy. The strictly sequential, hypertextual dependence on Deuteronomy explains numerous surprising features of Genesis. The critical analysis of Genesis as a coherently composed hypertextual work disproves hypotheses of the existence in these writings of Priestly and non-Priestly materials or multiple literary layers.

Sequential hypertextuality – Genesis and Deuteronomy – Date and place of composition – Gen 1–3 as a reworking of Deut 1:1–2:1 – Gen 4–11 as a reworking of Deut 2:2–5:33 – Gen 12:1–22:19 as a reworking of Deut 6–13 – Gen 22:20–36:43 as a reworking of Deut 14:1–23:9 – Gen 37–50 as a reworking of Deut 23:10–34:12