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Revisiting China’s Modernity

Ethnicity, Religion, and Nation

Jiang Sun

Investigating the nature of Chinese modernity from the perspectives of social and intellectual history and inspired by Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities, my book intends to reveal the ambiguity of nation as a modern concept and thereupon open up a new possibility for the turn of China’s national narratives. As it turns out, the definitions of nation as either an imagined community or an entity with a substantive cultural origin are both partially wrong in the Chinese context, since China had its distinctive socio-cultural system in pre-modern times and the binary mode of nationality is inadequate to interpret the complexity of Chinese society. In light of this complexity, this work explores the relationship between the Manchus and the Han Chinese throughout the Qing dynasty, examines the transmission and reproduction of modern knowledge, particularly that of race and nation, on the ground of China’s reactions to the Western influence, and discusses how the supra-nationalist discourse of various religions succumbed to the homogenizing nature of nation state in modern China. To depict a general picture of "Chinese modernity" and avoid the risk of oversimplification, I combine the methodology of social history with that of intellectual history in this book, abandoning the East-West binary opposition and grouping all ten chapters into three parts that respectively approach Chinese modernity from a specific perspective. On this basis, it can be concluded that Chinese modernity, as a form of new knowledge, is produced out of the combination of a forward-thinking viewpoint and a fantasy about the modern age, which constitutes an inevitable path to China’s "national liberation" from the entanglement of ethnicity and cultural traditions.

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Russian Regional Journalism

Struggle and Survival in the Heartland

Elina Erzikova and Wilson Lowrey

Russian Regional Journalism: Struggle and Survival in the Heartland takes an intimate look at the enormous challenges and small victories experienced by local Russian journalists across the post-perestroika and Putin eras. The book examines 13 years of journalists’ struggles for independence and meaning as they weigh their professional goals and community obligations against their growing dependence on local elite. Russia’s sub-national levels—its provinces and communities—remain understudied but important. Local newspapers are the only means by which news reaches many rural Russians, and Russia’s "heartland" regions are a significant source of support for the current national regime. The book contributes importantly to our understanding of Russian journalism, and to our understanding of local journalism generally, an increasingly vulnerable institution in countries around the world. Russian Regional Journalism seeks answers to a number of questions: How do challenging political-economic environments constrain and guide the ways Russian journalists imagine their roles and do their work? Can journalists represent their regions in meaningful, distinct ways, and are they seeking autonomy or mere survival? How does local Russian journalism fit within the global context of local journalism? Russian Regional Journalism will serve as a valuable companion text for senior-level or graduate courses on Russian media and culture, global media, local journalism, media production, and media sociology. The book will also be of value to anyone interested in journalism’s ongoing challenges in a diverse, changing world.

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Somalis in the Neo-South

African Immigration, Politics and Race

Dorian Brown Crosby

As demographics change and the southern American region grows more multicultural, clashes between mentalities and contemporary population realties increase. Somalis in the Neo-South: African Immigration, Politics and Race offers a balanced and insightful look at Somalis in the southern United States. Politically centered, it is a thought-provoking book that presents an essential and positive alternative to the familiar portrayal of Somalis in the U.S. as terrorists. It explains the U.S. resettlement process and illuminates the civic engagement and entrepreneurship of Somalis in Clarkston, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee.

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Taiwan Sign Language Interpreting

Theoretical Aspects and Pragmatic Issues

Riccardo Moratto

Riccardo Moratto is Associate Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS). He has published widely in the fields of TIS, Taiwan sign language, Chinese language, and Chinese literature. In 2013 he obtained his Ph.D. from National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). Over the years he has taught at numerous universities, including Hunan Normal University, Fujen Catholic University, Taipei National University of the Arts, Shih Chien University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and National Taipei University of Business. He is a professional interpreter and a literary translator. His most recent work focuses on Chinese contemporary literature, interpreting history in China, translation and cultural identities, public service interpreting, and the interdisciplinary nature of interpreting studies.

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Maureen A. Ramsden

This book primarily investigates whether the most important work in the development of Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu was Contre Sainte-Beuve, often assigned this role, or the first, unfinished and, in Proust’s lifetime, unpublished novel, Jean Santeuil. Given the length of the final work, this book focuses on the beginning of the first volume, Du Côté de chez Swann, known as ‘Combray'. Proust was writing his work on the French literary critic Sainte-Beuve, when it appeared to evolve into the final novel. However, much of the material found in the early work, Jean Santeuil, can also be found in À la recherche, but usually in a very different form or context. By his abandonment of Jean Santeuil, Proust showed he was still searching for the right material and also, even more challenging, a suitable form in which to present it. The technique adopted for the main body of this work is to follow, by means of close readings, the evolution of a character, a place or an episode, from its earliest appearance in the avant-texte, both published and unpublished, to its final place in ‘Combray’. The extra layer of the avant-texte also leads to further elucidation of the meaning of this rich and complex novel. Finally, the new presentation of the material in ‘Combray’ reveals the novel’s technical evolution to that of a modernist work.

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Islamic Religious Education in Ireland

Insights and Perspectives


Youcef Sai

This book is a timely and significant contribution to the growing body of empirical studies in Islamic education but also to the wider public at a time when intercultural understanding is so urgently needed. This invaluable research is of relevance to not only those interested in the world of religions and religious education but also those interested in understanding the dynamics of Muslims and Islam in the West.

—Professor Jenny Berglund, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education, Stockholm University

Islam is the fastest growing religion in Ireland. Given the debate over the role of faith-based schools in secular societies in the twenty - first century, this book provides deeper insight and understanding into the role of ethos and the teaching and learning of Islamic religious knowledge (IRE) in two primary Irish state funded Muslim schools.

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Jenseits von Unterwerfung

Den Islam theologisch beantworten

Rudolf Kutschera

Der islamische Prophet Muhammad ist einst mit einem theologischen Programm in theokratischer Gestalt angetreten. Da der Koran Christen und Juden vielfach anspricht und zu Stellungnahmen auffordert, ist eine theologische Antwort legitim und notwendig. Der vorliegende Band behandelt unter Einbeziehung aktueller islamwissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse die Quellen des Korans, die Grundzüge seines Verhältnisses zum Judentum und sein Jesusbild. Daraus ergeben sich sowohl eine realistische Bewertung des Islam als auch Impulse für ein christliches Selbstverständnis. Das 4. Kapitel stellt die weithin unbekannten Sichtweisen des jüdischen Philosophen Franz Rosenzweig und des Theologen Joseph Ratzinger/Benedikt XVI. auf den Islam hin vor – als entscheidende Orientierungshilfe jenseits von Unterwerfung.

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Theresa Siebing

Das Verständnis des inländischen Wohnsitzes als nationales Anknüpfungsmerkmal der Besteuerung ist fortdauernder Gegenstand kontroverser Diskussionen und scheint bis heute nicht hinreichend geklärt. Vielmehr besteht eine Flut an Einzelfallrechtsprechung, die seit jeher Zweifel an einer insoweit konsistenten Auslegungspraxis schürt. Angesichts der zentralen Bedeutung des steuerlichen Wohnsitzbegriffs untersucht die Arbeit, ob sich Gesetzgeber und (Finanz-)Gerichtsbarkeit den tradierten Ursprung des steuerlichen Wohnsitzes zu eigen machen, mithin das Erfordernis eines nationalen Anknüpfungsmerkmals zwischen Steuerhoheit und Steuersubjekt in Form eines genuine-links ausreichend berücksichtigen, oder fiskalorientiert agieren. Die Arbeit zeigt, dass der durch den Gesetzgeber geschaffenen konsistenten Basis eines qualifizierten Inlandsbezugs eine insoweit inkonsistente Umsetzung durch die (Finanz-)Gerichtsbarkeit gegenübersteht. Nach Auffassung der Autorin kann dieses „Dilemma" nur über ein zukünftig ausdrücklich(er)es Bekenntnis der (Finanz-)Gerichtsbarkeit zum steuerlichen Wohnsitz als räumlicher und zeitlicher Schwerpunkt der Lebensinteressen ausgeräumt werden.

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Le Muscle et l’Esprit

Masculinités germano-juives dans la post-migration : Le cas des yekkes en Palestine / Israël après 1933


Patrick Farges

En 1933, le régime nazi mit en place une politique de discrimination puis de persécution des citoyens juifs du Reich, qui contraignit des milliers de personnes à la migration forcée vers diverses destinations, dont la Palestine sous mandat britannique (qui deviendra Israël en 1948). Cette migration des années 1930 est parfois appelée « cinquième aliyah » dans l’historiographie israélienne. Pour ces personnes, l’adaptation post-migratoire fut complexe : la migration représenta une rupture importante, affectant tant les liens sociaux que l’identité culturelle et les représentations genrées. Relationnelle, multidimensionnelle et intersectionnelle, l’histoire des masculinités intègre différentes formes de domination : domination des hommes sur les femmes, domination de certains hommes sur d’autres hommes, mais aussi rapports de domination sociale et raciale. Ce sont ces intersections sociales complexes, ainsi que l’influence des différentes formes de nationalisme (du nationalisme antisémite exacerbé en Allemagne jusqu’au projet sioniste) sur l’injonction à agir « en homme », qui sont au cœur de l’ouvrage.

Après le nazisme et la Shoah, il est devenu difficile de penser ensemble identité juive et allemande. Par bien des aspects pourtant, les Juifs germanophones en Palestine/Israël (désignés par le terme yekkes) ont maintenu une identité distincte. L’un des défis fut de satisfaire aux exigences du programme genré du sionisme, marqué par une obsession de la régénérescence virile et un état de guerre quasi-permanent, conduisant à survaloriser les conduites martiales. Or la majorité des hommes de la « cinquième aliyah » ne correspondaient en rien à l’idéal du pionnier (halouts) ni du « Nouveau Juif » sionistes, et certains parmi les yekkes – hommes et femmes – ne pouvaient pas ne pas voir à quel point ce nationalisme viriliste exacerbé ressemblait à celui qui les avait chassés d’Europe.

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(Post-)koloniale frankophone Kriegsreportagen

Genrehybridisierungen, Medienkonkurrenzen

Edited by Sara Izzo

Der Band widmet sich der Kriegsberichterstattung im Spannungsfeld von Literatur und Journalismus. Im Zentrum stehen unterschiedliche Kriegs- und Konfliktherde der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts sowie des 21. Jahrhunderts, die sich in ein (post-)koloniales Gesellschaftsgefüge einschreiben. Die Untersuchung der literarisch-journalistischen Kriegsdarstellungen konzentriert sich insbesondere auf zwei Schwerpunkte: die genrespezifische Verschränkung von Journalismus und Literatur sowie die damit verknüpfte Konkurrenzbeziehung von Literatur und anderen Medien.
Die Beiträge des Bandes gehen auf die gleichnamige Sektion beim 11. Kongress des Frankoromanistenverbands 2018 an der Universität Osnabrück zurück.