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Still Loitering

Australian Essays in Honour of Ross Chambers

Edited by Valentina Gosetti and Alistair Rolls

In late October 2017, the profoundly sad news of Ross Chambers’s passing reached Australia. Friends and colleagues scattered around the globe mourned the loss of a person of great ‘humanity and humility’, one of the most brilliant minds of his generation. This book is a tribute to Chambers’s life and work and to his legacy among scholars in the global French studies, comparative literature and cultural studies communities. It is also rooted in the Australian context he left behind but never really left, a context he indelibly marked and where he still lives on.

Loiterature, perhaps Chambers’s most famous book, prescribes slow and careful reading practices but also quick-witted analysis. This collection draws together tributes, essays and critical responses to his wide-ranging work from Romanticism to the present, all demonstrating, through practice, the generative value of ‘loitering’. While melancholy and nostalgia are inescapable themes in this collection, loitering is also about imminent departures. And his work encourages us to explore that unexpected turn, possibly leading us in unforeseeable directions. This book suggests a few ways in which he will travel with us into the future.

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Livinus Maduadichie

The Johannine symbol of the good shepherd (Jn 10:1-18) is employed by the fourth evangelist from the Jewish cultural context, to communicate the Divine message of the redemption of humanity by Jesus Christ, who is the Symbol, the Son and the Revealer of the Johannine Father. This symbol is discussed here from the hermeneutical perspective in the context of Igbo in Nigeria, with particular reference to «Ofo», an Igbo ritual symbol. The symbol of the good shepherd depicts different meanings, depending on the exegetical approach of the interpreter, and among them is the depth of love which the Johannine Father has for the humanity. The «Ofo» similarly, symbolizes diverse values among which are, the virtue of truth, innocence, justice, power, emblem of unity, staff of authority and indestructibility of the individual or the group. Using the literary analysis of exegesis, the method of the intercultural hermeneutics, employed in the African method of biblical analysis, is applied in the discourse. With this method therefore, the findings from the analysis of the «Ofo» ritual symbol are used to read the results from the exegetical analysis of the symbol of the good shepherd because they have interface at the symbolic level. This feature enables the reader to grasp the message of the shepherd discourse of Jn 10:1-18.

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The Zimbabwean Crisis

Perspectives, Paradoxes and Prospects (1997–2017)

Edited by C. Luthuli Mhlahlo and Levar Lamar Smith

This four–part multidisciplinary volume linearly engages with Zimbabwe’s not too distant past and present socio-economic and political situation to 2017. It traces, explores, and analyzes the proceedings and internal mechanisms of the country’s state of crisis via eclectic lens to primarily argue that, while during the colonial era some western governments were, and could indeed be implicated and held complicit for the negative developments in the country, post–independence, particularly from 1997–2017, Zimbabweans must objectively, individually and collectively introspect and take responsibility for some of the crisis. Part 2 consequently examines and paradoxically, both commends and condemns the agency of both the then Mugabe–led government and those Zimbabweans who refused to be victims and devised strategies to survive the crisis, albeit, at times, by victimizing others. Part 3 scrutinizes the highs and lows of the crisis by focusing on some of the prominent personalities of the crisis period covered. It premises that as a result of the November intervention by the military, the crisis had by 2017 reached a watershed, one that could either abate or exacerbate the crisis after Zimbabwe’s elections in 2018. Despite the uncertainty which lay ahead, Part 4 audaciously and optimistically, proffers and charts prospective paths and possibilities which are open to the country as it faces the future.

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Stefanie Acquavella-Rauch

Im Mittelpunkt des Buches steht das Erzählen von Musikgeschichten. Exemplarisch werden an der Musikkultur der beiden ›verlorenen Residenzen‹ Edinburgh und Hannover im 18. Jahrhundert neue methodische und darstellerische Ansätze herausgearbeitet. Das Zusammenführen mikro- und makrohistorischer Erkenntnisse spielt dabei ebenso eine Rolle wie das Entwickeln eines ›multifokalen‹ Blickes auf musikgeschichtliche Phänomene abseits großer Künstler*innen oder kunstliebender Herrscher*innen und fernab des Kanons. Geleitet von der übergeordneten Frage danach, wie Forscher*innen als Autor*innen ihre Ergebnisse finden und präsentieren – wie sie also was warum erzählen –, geht es dabei auch um die Suche nach wissenschaftlicher Transparenz und um die Rolle und den Einfluss der einzelnen Wissenschaftler*innen.

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Consumption Choices

The effects of food production, markets and preferences on diets in India


Till Ludwig

Rural areas in developing countries have the world’s highest rates of undernutrition. Based on primary data from an innovative new study in India, this book unravels the complex and manifold causes for the prevalence of weak local diets, breaking down why food consumption choices of rural populations are often monotonous and unhealthy. In the first part, the author describes the economic environment and unfavorable price trends that underpin the prevalence of poor diets. In the second part, he analyzes the effects of agricultural production decisions and markets, showing how production diversity and better market access can have positive benefits. Finally, introducing a novel perspective on the behavioral economics of food consumption, he shows how economic preferences such as risk and altruism ultimately manifest in what people eat. This book is an essential read for audiences interested in the causes of food and nutrition insecurity – and in economic approaches to finding solutions.

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Pilgrims in the Port

The Identity of Migrant Christian Communities in Rotterdam


Robert Calvert

This publication investigates new ways of understanding international churches. Based upon recent fieldwork, six migrant Christian communities in Rotterdam were analysed using congregational study methods on how they construct identity. Through the frames of ‘koinonia’, ‘diakonia’ and ‘kerygma’, this research reflects on their composition, characteristics, leadership style, language and social capital. Language is found to be an important shaper or ‘carrier’ of identity and acts both as badge and bridge of identity. In building identity, MCCs do not behave in ways expected or consistent with the process of integration.

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Tendenzen der Gegenwartsliteratur

Literaturwissenschaftliche und literaturdidaktische Perspektiven

Edited by Marijana Jeleč

Dieses Buch versteht sich sowohl aus literaturwissenschaftlicher als auch aus literaturdidaktischer Perspektive als Beitrag zur Erkundung zeitgenössischer literarischer Produktion. Er verfolgt damit eine doppelte Intention: Einerseits möchte er aus literaturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive Konturen der deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur zeichnen und damit neue Tendenzen aufdecken, andererseits möchte er Möglichkeiten ihrer methodisch-didaktischen Umsetzung im schulischen und universitären Literaturunterricht aufzeigen – auch um zum Stand der Literaturdidaktik als wissenschaftliche Disziplin beizutragen.

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Betriebliche Weiterbildung und Migrationshintergrund

Analysen zur Teilnahme an Weiterbildung auf Basis der Daten des Nationalen Bildungspanels


Sara Reiter

Die betriebliche Weiterbildung ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Lebenslangen Lernens. Zugleich ist sie durch eine hohe soziale Selektivität geprägt. Vor diesem Hintergrund untersucht die Studie auf Grundlage der Daten des Nationalen Bildungspanels Unterschiede in der Teilnahme an betrieblicher Weiterbildung zwischen Personen mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund. Durch eine differenzierte Betrachtung von Personen mit Migrationshintergrund u.a. nach Generationsstatus kann gezeigt werden, dass keine generelle Benachteiligung in der betrieblichen Weiterbildung für diese Personen besteht. Empirisch beobachtete Nachteile gegenüber Personen ohne Migrationshintergrund hängen vielmehr von migrationsspezifischen Voraussetzungen sowie weiteren individuellen und arbeitsmarktstrukturellen Faktoren ab.

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Andrzej Waśkiewicz

If we want to understand the vicissitudes of modern democracy then, argues the author, we need to analyse the ideas upon which representative government is based rather than compare contemporary conditions with the Greek ideal. These principal ideas have been presented clearly in past centuries, when the relation between democracy and representation was still a matter of political judgement. The old masters of political thinking clarified the functions of representation: legitimising power, creating sovereignty but also setting its limits, and pursuing the common good while still reflecting social diversity. Because institutions of representation are expected to fulfil a variety of functions, these institutions have in recent times come under attack for standing in the way of radical programs for democratising democracy. The author of this book reminds us that these functions are necessary in every political order, whether democratic or not. Instead of rejecting representation, political theorists should focus on making government more accountable.

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Und immer stirbt ein bisschen Gott. Band III

Das Zeugnis vom Höchsten Gut und vom Höchsten Gesetz

Lutz Gentsch

Diese Arbeit folgt aus der «Nichtformalen Logik» des Autors. Die Analyse zeigt, dass das Weltgott-Theorem ursprünglich nur das Systemische der Naturprozesse erfasste. Der Mensch ist ein sozio-biostrukturelles System, welches durch als Notwendigkeit erlebte systemische Zweckinhalte geführt wird. Dieses Systemische ist die Grundlage der Ethik. Die systematische Vergesellschaftung (Höchstes Gut) und der Weg der einvernehmlichen Regelung (Höchstes Gesetz) sind natur-objektiv und dadurch gültige Norm. Die Verletzung dieser Norm wird erlebt als Forderung nach Harmonie, Frieden und Erhaltung der Umwelt.