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Fake News

Real Issues in Modern Communication


Edited by Russell Chun and Susan J. Drucker

In this dizzying post-truth, post-fact, fake news era, the onslaught and speed of potentially untrue, incorrect or fabricated information (some crafted and weaponized, some carelessly shared), can cause a loss of our intellectual bearings. If we fail to have a common truthful basis for discussions of opinion and policy, the integrity of our democracy is at risk.

This up-to-date anthology is designed to provide a survey of technological, ethical, and legal issues raised by falsehoods, particularly social media misinformation. The volume explores visual and data dissemination, business practices, international perspectives and case studies. With misinformation and misleading information being propagated using a variety of media such as memes, data, charts, photos, tweets, posts, and articles, an understanding of the theory, mechanisms, and changing communication landscape is essential to move in the right direction with academic, industry, and government initiatives to inoculate ourselves from the dangers of fake news. The book takes an international and multidisciplinary approach with contributions from media studies, journalism, computer science, the law, and communication, making it distinct among books on fake news.

This book is essential for graduate or undergraduate students in courses dealing with fake news and communication studies. Relevant courses include media studies, journalism, public relations, media ethics, media law, social media, First Amendment law, philosophy, and political science.

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David Manning

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Edited by David Manning

This new book series will show that a critical understanding of religious pluralism in the past is of vital significance to debates about identity, diversity, and co-existence in the present. Studies will focus on using a historical perspective to address one of three key themes in the period between 1500 and 2000 CE: intra-religious pluralism; inter-religious pluralism; or, religion, secularism, and the nation state. Within this frame of reference, constructive contrasts between a wide range of foci, approaches, and viewpoints will be keenly encouraged. The series will champion established lines of research in political, social, cultural, and gendered histories of religious pluralism – e.g. studies on liberty, persecution, and toleration – whilst also encouraging novel ways of transcending a scholarly discourse which is dominated by ideologies and methodologies derived from the social sciences – e.g. by studies on the theological and literary dimensions of conflict, cohesion, and community. The series will embrace scholarship on subjects from any part of the world. European and extra-European perspectives that complement traditional Anglo-American thinking are particularly welcome.

As the ‘global turn’ continues to energize new types of enquiry, the series will also seek to advance studies of indigenous and displaced religious groups. With this scope there is a reflexive acknowledgement that the rationale for and defining concepts of the series are grounded in a ‘western’ intellectual tradition; however, this should serve as a challenge to prospective authors to pioneer new dialogues between ‘western’ and ‘non-western’ approaches and foci, or even surpass the dichotomy altogether. An emphasis will be given to promoting the best research of early career scholars from around the world, whilst also giving more established academics the opportunity to develop their multimedia policy-orientated work – e.g. podcasts, blogs, talks, press briefings, reports for thinktanks, governments, and public agencies etc. – into a book that would engage peers and students alike.

In association with Cambridge Institute on Religion and International Studies

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Edited by Jerome Teelucksingh and Shane Pantin

This book thematically analyses and surveys areas of Caribbean history and society. The work is divided into three parts: part one addresses migration and identity; part two explores policy and development; and part three explores music and literature. The volume places a fresh perspective on these topics. The essays depart from the usual broader themes of politics, economics and society and provide a deeper insight into forces that left a decisive legacy on aspects of the Caribbean region. Such contributions come at a time when some of the Caribbean territories are marking over 50 years as independent nation states and attempting to create, understand and forge ways of dealing with critical national and regional issues. The volume brings together a broad group of scholars writing on Caribbean issues including postgraduate students, lecturers, and researchers. Each chapter is thematically divided into the aforementioned areas. This book addresses areas much deeper than the linear historical and social science models, and it offers Caribbean academics and researchers a foundation for further research.

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Dynamische Approximationen

Festschriftliches pünktlichst zu Eva Lavrics 62,5. Geburtstag

Edited by Marietta Calderón and Carmen Konzett

Der vorliegende Band ist der Romanistin Eva Lavric als Festschrift gewidmet. Er spiegelt durch die Auswahl der Beiträge Eva Lavrics wissenschaftliches Œuvre und ihre vielfältige internationale Vernetzung wider. Die Beiträge nehmen häufig eine kontrastivlinguistische Perspektive ein, beschäftigen sich aber nicht nur mit dem Deutschen und dem Französischen, sondern gehen weit darüber hinaus. Methodologisch spannt sich der Bogen von theoretischen Modellierungen und klassischen systemlinguistischen Beschreibungen syntaktischer oder semantischer Phänomene über diskursanalytische Ansätze und neue soziolinguistische Methoden wie dem  «linguistic landscaping» bis hin zur Korpuslinguistik und Interaktionsforschung.

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Leroy Ghislain

Cet ouvrage vise à cerner les spécificités contemporaines de l’école maternelle, en mettant au jour les attentes particulières qui y règnent vis-à-vis des enfants. L’auteur réactive ainsi le questionnement des premiers sociologues de l’école maternelle (Dannepond, Plaisance, Chamboredon et Prévot), pour l’appliquer à la période contemporaine. Après la recherche de productivité (années 50), puis d’expressivité (années 60-70), qu’est-ce que l’école maternelle cherche aujourd’hui à faire de l’enfant ?

Mobilisant entretiens, observations, étude des programmes et des rapports d’inspection, l’auteur montre que, dans les dernières décennies, on attend de plus en plus que l’enfant soit un élève autonome et performant. Ceci s’explique notamment par l’évolution des politiques publiques et leur recherche nouvelle de rentabilité, qui ont transformé les objectifs et pratiques ordinaires de l’école maternelle. Du côté de l’enfant, ces attentes d’autonomie et de performance se déclinent en exigences disciplinaires, cognitives, émotionnelles et même hygiéniques qui s’avèrent en partie spécifiques à la période contemporaine. Elles semblent paradoxalement aboutir à renforcer les inégalités sociales, car les enfants issus des catégories moyennes et supérieures y apparaissent bien plus préparés. Ceci ressort notamment de l’étude des pratiques d’inspiration montessorienne, qui se sont diffusées très récemment.

L’école maternelle contemporaine viserait-elle à initier l’enfant à un certain ethos contemporain, performer, qui hante notre imaginaire social ?

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Paulina Łęska

The study presented in this book aimed to test the argument structure of ditransitive verbs in Polish with the use of quantifier scope interpretation. Since these verbs typically allow for relatively free object order, it is not clear whether any of the object orders is basic or if they constitute separate underlying structures. The study reports the results of five experiments testing acceptability of scope interpretation of Polish quantified objects in two object orders, using variables such as coordination, to reveal which scope changing mechanism is responsible for ambiguity. The results showed that only the DO-IO order allowed for scope ambiguity, however, to a different degree depending on the semantic class of the verb. This indicates that the merge position of objects is contingent upon that factor.

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Edited by Erol Esen, Fahri Türk and Franziska Trepke

Der Sammelband präsentiert die Ergebnisse eines Symposiums, das vom 18.–20. Oktober 2018 in Antalya (Türkei) stattfand und von der Akdeniz Universität (Antalya, Türkei), der Trakya Universität (Edirne, Türkei), vom Informationszentrum des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes – DAAD (Ankara) und von der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Derneği (Ankara) gemeinsam durchgeführt wurde. Anlass war das 300-jährige Jubiläum der deutsch-türkischen Beziehungen. Diese wurden durch ein Schreiben des Osmanischen Sultans an den preußischen König Friedrich Wilhelm I. eingeleitet, die in den dreihundert Jahren in vielfältige Kooperationen und ein militärisches Bündnis mündeten. Auf der dreitägigen Veranstaltung diskutierten Wissenschaftler*innen, Expert*innen sowie Praktiker*innen aus Deutschland und der Türkei über unterschiedliche Bereiche und Kooperationsfelder in Geschichte und Gegenwart. In dem Sammelband behandeln insgesamt 20 Beiträge ein breites Spektrum an Themen und Zeitabschnitten, die neben der politischen, wirtschaftlichen und militärischen Zusammenarbeit aus der Vorrepublikzeit beider Länder auch die Gegenwartsthemen wie das der europäischen Integration und der Migration und Integration aus beidseitiger Perspektive diskutieren.

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Heinrich von Siebenthal

The Ancient Greek Grammar for the Study of the New Testament is a tool for theologians and others interested in interpreting the Greek New Testament. It is a reference grammar that systematically covers all areas relevant to well-founded text interpretation including textgrammar. Combining accuracy with accessibility was one of the main objectives in producing the book. The information it provides is based on the best of traditional and more recent research in the study of Ancient Greek and linguistic communication. Differences between classical and non-classical usage are regularly indicated. The mode of presentation is largely shaped by the needs of prospective users, who are typically unacquainted with the details of linguistic research. Aiming at both a professional quality of content and user-friendly presentation, a tool was produced that aims to be of service to novices and more experienced exegetes alike.

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Edited by Hans-Christian Maner and Ioannis Zelepos

Der Sammelband enthält Beiträge internationaler Experten aus verschiedenen Fachdisziplinen zur Wahrnehmung von Antike und Byzanz als historischem Erbe in Südosteuropa vom 19. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart. Die Fallbeispiele reichen von Bosnien-Herzegowina bis zur Türkei. Die Autoren untersuchen Medialisierungen von Vergangenheit in komparativer Perspektive im Hinblick auf wissenschaftliche Diskurse sowie auf politische und ideologische Indienstnahmen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung jüngster und gegenwärtiger Entwicklungen. Ihre differenzierten Einzelanalysen liefern somit ein wertvolles Kompendium zum aktuellen Thema «Public History» in der Region.