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Soon Ki Hong

The Greek Perfect Tense in the Gospel of Mark and the Epistle to the Romans is designed to resolve the confusion that has resulted from Stanley Porter’s understanding of the use of Greek perfect tense. For Porter, the perfect tense functions as a third level of "frontground" which denotes the highest prominence on a discourse. Porter has argued that the perfect tense is chosen to deliver a present state, disregarding anterior activity. This book supports the validity of a traditional understanding of the Greek perfect tense, which is rooted in a dual feature. The author argues that the perfect tense is chosen to indicate a present state that results from anterior activity and functions as background for main events or themes. The author formulates three rules to discuss the function of the Greek perfect tense in Mark and Romans. Through the discussion of the perfect tense using these rules, the author finds it appropriate to interpret all the Greek perfects in Mark and Romans in light of the perfect’s inherent dual feature. This book should prove useful for seminary students, pastors, or scholars who are struggling with how to interpret the Greek perfect tense in the New Testament.

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Health News and Responsibility

How Frames Create Blame


Lesa Hatley Major and Stacie Meihaus Jankowski

Who the public blames for health problems determines who the public believes is responsible for solving those health problems. Health policies targeting the broader public are the most effective way to improve health. The research approach described in this book will increase public support for critical health policies. The authors systematically organized and analyzed 25 years of thematic and episodic framing research in health news to create an approach to reframe responsibility in health news in order to gain public support for health policies. They apply their method to two of the top health issues in world—obesity and mental health—and conclude by discussing future research and plans for working with other health scholars, health practitioners, and journalists.

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Helping Immigrant Children Succeed

A Look Through Research, Experiences, and Practical Solutions

Edited by Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski

Helping Children Succeed examines current research on the educational development of immigrant children and the unique challenges that they, their parents, and their teachers face. The central argument of this book is that immigrant children will be successful if culturally and developmentally appropriate practices are applied in teaching them. The chapters of this book give an in-depth investigation into handling different challenges such as negotiated identities, transition to a new culture, and different learning styles as well as the role of parents and teachers in helping immigrant children. Helping Children Succeed is a must read for the teachers and parents and should be on the reading list for courses on multicultural education.

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Hip Hop Harem

Women, Rap and Representation in the Middle East

Angela Williams

Although hip hop culture has widely been acknowledged as a global cultural movement, little attention has been given to women’s participation in hip hop culture in various parts of the world or how this participation interacts with and impacts the lives of other women. Hip Hop Harem is the first book solely dedicated to female rap artists in the Middle East and North Africa region. Throughout the book, Angela Williams, explores the work of seven prominent rappers from the region.  Through the  lens of hip hop feminism, she seeks to express how the artists’ work affects female audience members who relate to themes of self-determination and liberation within their own lives. The popular imagery of harem is flipped, turned on its head in likely hip hop fashion, as the artists speak back to voices of male dominance and a power structure that has sought to define them and the region.
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Das Hochmittelalter – eine vernachlässigte Epoche?

Neue Forschungen zum 11.–13. Jahrhundert


Edited by Lisa Klocke and Matthias Weber M.A.

Mit dem Begriff «Hochmittelalter» verbindet sich ein Zeitraum etwa vom 11. bis 13. Jahrhundert. Lange als Blütezeit des deutschen Mittelalters aufgefasst, schien diese Epoche in den vergangenen Jahren zunehmend aus dem Blickfeld der Forschung gerückt zu sein. Dabei handelt es sich jedoch um eine Annahme, die nach zwei Bochumer Nachwuchstagungen aus den Jahren 2016 und 2017 zurückgewiesen werden kann. Deren Beiträge konnten nun im Rahmen dieses Bandes zusammengeführt werden. Es eröffnet sich ein breites Spektrum unterschiedlicher Methoden, Perspektiven und Herangehensweisen für einen neuen Blick auf eine bekannte Teilepoche.

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Ideas and Innovative Organizations

A Tribal Perspective

Albert H. Segars

A tribal approach to innovation is found within cutting-edge organizations that pursue ideas and initiatives that are extraordinary. This approach is driven by groups of people that have an ambitious mandate, positive values or codes of conduct, well-defined roles, robust flows of knowledge, the ability to endure hardship, an analytical focus, and a willingness to sacrifice. Together, these attributes signal a favorable predisposition to discover breakthrough ideas and navigate difficult projects. This approach is manifest in modern day super projects such as the Event Horizon Telescope as well as historical initiatives such as the invention of flight by the Wright Brothers. For leaders and team members, the tribal framework provides a perspective for measuring the capacity of a team to generate novel ideas and see those ideas through to a successful conclusion.

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Inside the Upheaval of Journalism

Reporters Look Back on 50 Years of Covering the News


Edited by Ted Gest and Dotty Brown

In the spring of 1969, 101 students received master’s degrees from Columbia University’s prestigious School of Journalism, where they had learned the trade as it was then practiced. Most hoped to start a career in newspapers, radio, television or magazines, the established forms of journalism of that era. Little did they realize how the news world they were entering would be upended by the internet and by the social forces that would sweep through the country over the next 50 years.

This book tells the story of the news media revolution through the eyes of those in the Class of 1969 who lived it and helped make it happen. It is an insider’s look at the reshaping of the Fourth Estate and the information Americans now get and don’t get—crucial aspects of the vibrancy of democracy.

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Lorenz Bode

Die Frage des Internetzugangs für Strafgefangene betrifft paradigmatisch das Grunddilemma des Strafvollzugs: Zu Gunsten der späteren Wiedereingliederung des Gefangenen soll einerseits das intramurale Leben den allgemeinen Lebensverhältnissen so weit wie möglich angepasst werden und ihm sollen Fertigkeiten vermittelt werden, die ihn befähigen, nach Entlassung ein Leben ohne Straftaten in sozialer Verantwortung zu führen. Andererseits hat der Vollzug die Sicherheit und Ordnung der Anstalt sowie den äußeren Schutz der Allgemeinheit zu gewährleisten. Vor diesem Hintergrund untersucht der Autor systematisch den Zugang zum Internet und seine Nutzung durch Strafgefangene und aktualisiert den bisherigen Diskussionsstand.

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An Intimate Revelation

Intercultural Bible Reading with Adolescents

Taggert E. Wolverton

An Intimate Revelation chronicles an unprecedented multi-year research project that investigated what happens when adolescents from around the world read and discuss Jesus’ Parable of the Prodigal Son together. The study gathered together adolescent participants, pastoral leaders, and theologians from several countries to read in conversational communities, and these groups then exchanged their interpretations with each other across cultural and religious distinctions. The result is a helpful step forward in understanding how adolescents make meaning when they read the Bible and how the intercultural reading process can spur participants toward spiritual growth.

The book begins by presenting thorough explanations of the foundational concepts of the project before then focusing on each of the groups’ specific experiences through a close examination of their transcripts and written materials. With that foundation laid, a critical analysis of the material investigates signs of spiritual growth as well as the adolescent participants’ ability to function in the process of intercultural communication. The participants’ hermeneutical interpretive grids are presented along with evidence of their ability to create theological applications, and finally the process of intercultural Bible reading is itself compared to the characteristics of effective youth ministry as a hopeful ally in the development of the next generation’s spirituality.

As a report on the only study of its kind to empirically observe adolescent Bible readers participating in an intercultural reading process, these pages offer insight and motivation to pastoral leaders, theologians, and anyone else questioning how to connect this globally aware generation to a vibrant faith.

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Markus Kaul

Die Behandlung der Kapitalmarktinformationshaftung im europäischen Internationalen Privatrecht stellt den Rechtsanwender vor erhebliche praktische Probleme. Denn trotz stetiger Zunahme grenzüberschreitender Kapitalmarktaktivitäten fehlt es in der Rom II-Verordnung an einer besondere Kollisionsnorm für Ansprüche wegen unrichtiger oder unterlassener Kapitalmarktinformationen. Der Autor greift die Kritik an dieser Situation auf und befasst sich eingehend mit der Frage einer sachgerechten Anknüpfung entsprechender Ansprüche. Dabei ordnet er die Haftungsansprüche in das Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Kollisions- und Kapitalmarktrecht ein und untersucht die Geeignetheit möglicher Lösungsansätze. Als Ergebnis der Untersuchung präsentiert der Autor den Vorschlag für eine interessengerechte Anknüpfung.