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Disability and the University

A Disabled Students’ Manifesto

Edited by Christopher McMaster and Benjamin Whitburn

Disability and the University: A Disabled Students’ Manifesto is a guide to what students with disabilities need to know about attending university, as well as to the essentials universities should provide for these students. Each chapter presents a benchmark for students to follow as they travel through the institution, and lays clear what they should expect. Written by former students with disabilities who have traversed the terrain and experienced higher education, this book is not about disabled students, but instead is a manifesto, a call for change, a call to action. It is a guide book, blueprint, and tool for both students and universities.

Disability and the University is divided into four parts, each examining crucial aspects of higher education, including the culture of the academy, movement beyond the limits of compliance, access to and in the institution, and disability rights. Each chapter is a statement of what every institution of higher education should provide for disabled students.

While every country has its own practice and laws based on its own experience, arbitrary national boundaries should no longer be a reason for practices that do not meet student needs. Disability and the University speaks across borders, and leaves no doubt about what needs to be done to develop more inclusive teaching and learning spaces.

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Edited by Greg G. Armfield, John McGuire and Adam Earnheardt

ESPN and the Changing Sports Media Landscape considers the ways the network is reinventing itself as it enters its fifth decade. In their previous book, The ESPN Effect (2015), the editors made the observation that ESPN was a pervasive branded-content provider across multiple media platforms, delivering programs and information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to influence how sports fans think and feel about the people who play and control these games. ESPN and the Changing Sports Media Landscape asks whether that will hold true in the 2020s and beyond. The past decade has seen momentous changes in the sports media landscape, among them the massive proliferation of mobile platforms as a major source of sports content, astronomical growth in fantasy sport and esport industries, and the increasing entanglement of sports media in contentious sociopolitical debates. The contributors to this book analyze how ESPN has navigated the shifting playing field and speculate on what the next decade might bring for ESPN and the global sports media industry.

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Appropriating Thomas Jefferson, 1929-1945

We Are All Jeffersonians Now


Caroline Heller

This study counters the view that Franklin D. Roosevelt hegemonically exalted Thomas Jefferson to iconic dominance during the Great Depression. It analyzes the diversity of those who appropriated Jefferson to find answers to the socio-economic crisis and modern industrial capitalism. This discourse analysis, spanning the ideological spectrum between 1929–1945, reveals that the creation of the Jefferson icon—in various forms of representation—generated counterhegemonic varieties of Jefferson because the appropriators grafted their values onto the historical figure which led to its transformation. These competing versions of Jefferson expressed a reformed sense of national values not only through commonalities but through the flexibility of interpretative and representational differences.

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Deutschsprachige Zionismen

Verfechter, Kritiker und Gegner, Organisationen und Medien (1890–1938)


Edited by Lisa Sophie Gebhard and David Hamann

Der moderne Zionismus bildete nie eine politische Einheit, sondern vielmehr eine heterogene Bewegung. Wie ihre ZeitgenossInnen waren auch die ZionistInnen in ihrer ideologisch-politischen Entwicklung von gängigen Wissens- und Ideenbeständen beeinflusst und verhandelten in dieser Zeitgebundenheit ihre Vision(en) von einer künftigen jüdischen Heimstätte. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes analysieren AkteurInnen, Agitationsmittel und Diskurse innerhalb der vielseitigen zionistischen Bewegung, die als ‚Zionismen‘ apostrophiert werden. Die AutorInnen hinterfragen herkömmliche Narrative im Hinblick auf individuelle und kollektive Strategien der Identitätsbildung. Sie beleuchten zudem das spannungsreiche Verhältnis der ZionistInnen untereinander sowie ihre ambivalenten Beziehungen zu nichtzionistischen Gruppen.

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Gemeine Dirnen und gute Fräulein

Frauenhäuser im spätmittelalterlichen Österreich


Michael M. Hammer

Frauenhäuser, die Bordelle spätmittelalterlich-frühneuzeitlicher Städte, stellen ein Phänomen mediävistischer Forschung dar, das an Aktualität kaum verloren hat. Die Existenz der geordneten Prostitution hat nicht nur wirtschaftliche, sondern auch ordnungspolitische Gründe. Sie diente vorwiegend zum Erhalt eines friedlichen gesellschaftlichen Zusammenlebens. Die Dirnen des Frauenhauses nahmen dadurch eine Sonderrolle innerhalb der heterogenen Randgruppen ein. In den Gebieten des heutigen Österreich und Südtirol florierten Bordelle in städtischem oder herrschaftlichem Besitz. Dieses Buch beleuchtet das Frauenhauswesen in jenem Raum erstmals systematisch aus sozialer, rechtlicher und wirtschaftlicher Sicht und ordnet die Quellenbefunde einzelner Standorte in das überregionale Gesamtbild der Frauenhausprostitution ein.

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Living Stories

Nontraditional College Students in Early Childhood Education


Susan Bernheimer

In Living Stories: Nontraditional College Students in Early Childhood Education, Susan Bernheimer takes the reader into her journey with a group of nontraditional college students. Bernheimer’s struggle to find a meaningful approach to teaching the students about early childhood development and care is infused with the insights and wisdom that come from listening to, and valuing, the remarkable stories of her students’ lives. This book offers a powerful new road map for early childhood teacher preparation through a relational pedagogy that honors students’ life experiences and that leads to deep reflection and learning. The approach is embedded in students’ strengths and knowledge and is successfully inclusive of an increasingly diverse student demographic. Bernheimer provides an inclusive model of education that builds upon the strengths of all students. 

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Mediating the Otherworld in Polish Folklore

A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective


Ewa Masłowska

This book analyses the ways of conceptualising and interpreting the interaction between physical and metaphysical worlds in Polish folklore. A linguistic and anthropological analysis offered in this study focuses primarily on myth, ritual and symbol as reflected in language (dialect lexis, phraseology, speech acts). Employing the methodology and analytical tools of cognitive linguistics (preconceptual image schemas, cognitive scene, profiling of concepts, development of cognitive paths), the author reconstructs mental patterns at the heart of mythical thinking, linguistic actions and symbolic meanings, which reflect universal conceptual schemas and may serve as models for intercultural studies.

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Piotr Franaszek, Paweł Grata, Anna Kozicka-Kołaczkowska, Mariusz Ruszel and Grzegorz Zamoyski

This book is dedicated to the life and work of Ignacy Łukasiewicz, Polish pharmacist whose world-renowned achievements include construction of the world’s first oil refinery and invention of the modern kerosene lamp. The authors also portray the history of the Galician oil industry and set it in the context of political, social and technological changes taking place in the 19th-century Central and Eastern Europe.

"The work adds substantially to existing scholarship in English. As the author of the only English-language academic monograph devoted to a general history of the Galician oil industry, I can attest that this manuscript adds significant and important information, details, depth of investigation that is not provided in my book or any other book. It therefore makes a novel contribution that will be very valuable to anyone looking for a truly detailed account of Ignacy Łukasiewicz’s contribution within the context of the Galician oil industry in general."

Alison Frank Johnson

Professor of History and of Germanic Languages and Literatures

Harvard University, Center for European Studies


"The authors sketch the profiles of two outstanding Poles, pioneers of the oil industry – Ignacy Łukasiewicz, MSc. in Pharmacy, and mining engineer and geologist Witold Zglenicki, called the Polish Nobel (...) This scientific work is an interesting and captivating read. It can be used not only by scientists and students, but also by everyone who is interested in industrial cultural heritage (...)."

Krzysztof Broński

Professor and Head of Department of Economic and Social History

Economic University in Kraków

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Das Verhältnis von Buddhismus und Politik in Sri Lanka

Narrative Kontinuität durch Traditionskonstruktion


Madlen Krüger

In Sri Lanka galt über Jahrhunderte das in buddhistischen Chroniken festgelegte Verhältnis zwischen König und Mönchsorden. Mit dem Wegfall des Königs im 19. Jh. wird die Verbindung von Buddhismus und Politik neu verhandelt. Einführend in die Diskussion zur Konstruktion von Tradition illustriert die Autorin, wie vor dem Hintergrund kolonialer Einflüsse und postkolonialer Umbrüche vorkoloniale Ordnungen, wie etwa die Verbindung von König – Mönchsorden – Volk, neuen Aushandlungsprozessen unterliegen. Im Fokus stehen religionspolitische Debatten, die seit der Unabhängigkeit 1948 bis zu den Präsidentschaftswahlen 2015 zwischen politisch aktiven Mönchen und den jeweiligen Regierungen oder Präsidenten geführt wurden. Die Autorin zeigt auf, wie Fragen nach den Aufgabenbereichen und Verantwortungen des Staates gegenüber dem Buddha Sāsana sowie den Zuständigkeiten und Pflichten der Mönche debattiert werden.

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Immigration Policy Studies

Theoretical and Empirical Migration Researches

Edited by Ufuk Bingöl

The migration movement, which has taken place since the beginning of the story of mankind, increasingly continues voluntarily or compulsorily for various reasons such as social challenges, technological revolutions and wars. Due to migration, many new questions emerge depending on these issues. Researchers from many different disciplines are looking for answers to these questions arising from migration movements. This book covers deep researches from different perspectives and disciplines upon migration by successful and expert researchers in their field. In this book, different and rigorous analyses of all areas influenced by migration are carried out and various dimensions of immigration studies are shown.