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Transkulturelle Kompetenz und literaturbasierter Fremdsprachenunterricht

Eine rekonstruktive Studie zum Einsatz von «fictions of migration» im Fach Englisch


Kreft Annika

Die Studie untersucht Interaktionsprozesse zwischen SchülerInnen (SuS), Lehrpersonen und literarischen Texten im literaturbasierten Fremdsprachenunterricht. Die Datengrundlage bilden videografierte Unterrichtseinheiten zu fictions of migration im Fach Englisch. Sie wurden mithilfe der dokumentarischen Interpretation von Unterrichtsvideos ausgewertet. Die Analyse zeigt überwiegend binäre und nationenbasierte Vorstellungen des Kulturbegriffs seitens der SuS sowie der Lehrpersonen, was sich auch in inkorporierten Praktiken äußert. Diese Vorstellungen können allerdings unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen überwunden werden. Insgesamt manifestiert sich eine große Einflussnahme auf schülerseitige Interaktionsprozesse durch die Lehrperson, die Angebote schafft, unterdrückt oder nicht ermöglicht.

Die vorliegende Arbeit wurde mit dem WISAG-Preis 2020 der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main ausgezeichnet.

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Edited by Monika Fludernik and Henrik Skov Nielsen

This volume is co-edited by the director of the Freiburg graduate school "Factual and Fictional Narration" (GRK 1767, Freiburg/Germany) and the director of the Aarhus Centre for Fictionality Studies (University of Aarhus, DK). The collection of essays re-examines the much discussed fact―fiction distinction in light of the current burgeoning of research on fictionality. It provides a forum for ongoing work on fictionality from France, Germany and Denmark and Sweden. By placing discussions of the notion of fictionality in one volume, the editors hope to initiate exchange between the different traditions represented in the essays und to help the task of translating the available concepts and terminologies so they can travel between different models and theoretical frameworks.

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Wyclifsche Bibelübersetzung

Ein Projekt im Spannungsfeld zwischen Anforderungen und Möglichkeiten


Alina Markova

Eine der Besonderheiten des Wyclif’schen Übersetzungsprojektes ist seine Realisierung zu jener Zeit, als das bibelsprachliche Ausdrucksinventar des Englischen noch recht überschaubar war. Diese Arbeit untersucht anhand ausgewählter lateinischer Wortbildungsmuster und Ablativus-Absolutus-Konstruktionen, wie die Bibelübersetzer dennoch zu einem gelungenen Ergebnis kamen. Denn trotz strenger Anforderungen an den Übersetzer erfüllt die Wyclif’sche Bibel auch die theologischen Forderungen nach einer sinn- und formgetreuen Bibelwiedergabe. Die Betrachtung der Übersetzungslösungen im Rahmen des diskurstraditionellen Forschungszugangs ermöglicht eine neue Interpretation der übersetzerischen Entscheidungen, die sich eindeutig der besonderen Kontaktsprachlichkeit verpflichtet gezeigt haben.

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Irish Literature in the British Context and Beyond

21st Century Perspectives from Kyoto


Edited by Hiroko Ikeda and Kazuo Yokouchi

The British context has been a controversial area for those involved in Irish literature and Irish studies. Behind the present volume lies a search for a view from which the frame of the British context as well as the dichotomy between British and Irish literature can be dismantled and disrupted in a most creative sense. It addresses the question of Irish literature’s intrinsic openness by first focusing on the British context that affected Irish literary production through three centuries and then looking beyond it towards the European or global context that lay behind Irish modernism. The book further extends its research to modern Irish poetry and discusses three prominent poets after W.B. Yeats whose works are in and beyond the British context in each different way. Providing unique and new perspectives that have been evolved mostly from an international conference held in Kyoto, Japan, this collection attempts to reassess and explore the values of Irish literature in a global context.

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Markus Oppolzer

This book updates reader-response criticism as the foundation of aesthetic reading in the classroom by bringing it in line with cognitive theories in literary studies and linguistics. With the help of Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner‘s conceptual integration theory, which shares a surprising number of correspondences with Wolfgang Iser‘s The Act of Reading, it is possible to flesh out the latter‘s model of narrative meaning-making. In turn, this allows for a consistent reader-response approach to the medium of comics and auto/biography as one of its dominant genres. The fragmentation of comics narratives, but also of human lives and identities, requires such a theory that can explain how different perspectives and experiences can be blended into an experiential whole.

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Mr. Turbulent

A Critical Edition


Edited by Jorge Blanco-Vacas

Mr. Turbulent (1682) is an anonymous city comedy which starred popular comic actors and young actresses of great appeal. The play was produced in the immediate aftermath of the Exclusion Crisis. This first-ever critical edition offers a fully annotated modernized version of the text, together with an introduction that examines the contexts of the play. The editor also discusses at length such topics as the political dimension of the Moorfields setting and the green spaces of Restoration London. He examines as well the rethorical use of madness associated with the Bedlam hospital for the insane, the other pivotal cityscape setting in the comedy.

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Katarzyna Kociolek

This book traces the interconnectedness of women’s sartorial practices and social change in 20th-century Britain. Based on a wide range of cultural texts, which include literary works, magazines, posters, advertisements and political cartoons, this study endeavours to prove that due to the metaphorical function of clothing, womenswear imparted significant information about women’s positions in society during transformative historical moments.
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Scotland and Arbroath 1320 – 2020

700 Years of Fighting for Freedom, Sovereignty, and Independence


Edited by Klaus Peter Müller

700 years of people in Scotland, England, Europe, and the world fighting for freedom, sovereignty, independence and justice are investigated in the essential periods and cultures since the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath: the Middle Ages, the Reformation and Early Modern Age, the English Revolution, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Cultural, media, political, and social studies, history, the law, art, philosophy, and literature are used for an analysis of the evolution of human rights, democracy, freedom, individual as well as national independence and justice in connection with past and present threats to them. Threats from politics, the economy, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, people's ignorance.


With contributions by Alasdair Allan MSP, Christopher J. Berry, Neil Blain, Alexander Broadie FRSE, Dauvit Broun, Mark P. Bruce, Ewen A. Cameron, Robert Crawford, Ian Duncan, Richard J. Finlay, David Forrest, Edouard Gaudot, Marjory Harper, Sarah Longlands, Ben McConville, David McCrone, Aileen McHarg, John Morrison, Klaus Peter Müller, Hugh O’Donnell, Murray Pittock, Anthony Salamone, David R. Sorensen, Silke Stroh, Christopher A. Whatley and Ben Wray.

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Anna Paluchowska-Messing

Was it possible for an eighteenth-century woman to become a celebrity and remain respectable? Could women’s commercial success in literature be reconciled with contemporary ideals of prescribed feminine domesticity? The rugged trajectory marked by the critical reception of the works by Frances Burney (1752–1840), an English novelist, diarist and playwright, reveals the dilemmas she faced at different stages of her career from a debutante to an acclaimed literary figure. Burney’s long life is set against the background of changing conventions in culture consumption and appreciation, and the book highlights the successes and failures of the techniques which the author employed in her texts for projecting a favourable image of herself as a woman and writer.

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Authors in Dialogue

Comparative Essays in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century English Literature

Franco Marucci

This book gathers together essays and papers written over a time span of around fifteen years. Partly retitled and revised, they were selected for the book because they all focus on the dialogic element in a series of literary works produced in the period extending from late Romanticism to early Modernism. By «dialogic» the author means the sharing of common preoccupations, the recursiveness of motifs, themes and patterns, the emergence of constants, a network of explicit or hidden confrontations. Dialogues may then arise between an author and other contemporaries in the form of an explicit theoretical discussion in letters or critical essays; or implicitly, and allusively, in inventive negotiations that respond to previous works through parody or adaptation. After a concise introduction stating the author’s theoretical debt to the insightful theories of the Russian semiotician and typologist Yuri Lotman, single essays discuss Byron, Ruskin, George Eliot, Matthew Arnold, Hopkins, Ouida, Joyce and T. S. Eliot.