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La hegemonía estadounidense y el continente americano

Poder y diplomacia económica en las relaciones internacionales

Arturo Santa Cruz

En este libro Arturo Santa Cruz desarrolla una concepción del poder como relación social y la aplica consistentemente al ámbito económico de las relaciones de Estados Unidos con otros países del hemisferio occidental. Siguiendo el debate académico y popular acerca de los altibajos de la hegemonía estadounidense, este trabajo centra su análisis en un caso crítico para el ejercicio del poder estadounidense a través de su diplomacia económica (o economic statecraft): el continente americano su zona de influencia histórica. La racionalidad del enfoque regional es metodológico: is se puede demostrar que la influencia de Washington ha disminuido en el área desde inicios de la década de los años 70 del siglo pasado, cuando la discusióon sobre la materia inició, puede asumirse que lo mismo ha ocurrido en otras latitudes. El análisis se concentra en tres regiones: Norteamérica, Centroamérica y Sudamérica. Puesto que cada región contiene estados que en ocasiones han mantenido muy diferentes relaciones con Estados Unidos, los hallazgos contribuyen a un mejor entendimiento de la práctica del poder en la sub-región en cuestión, añadiendo variabilidad a los resultados generales.

La hegemonía estadounidense y el continente americano: Poder y diplomacia económica en las relaciones internacionales es una fuente invaluable para estudiantes y académicos interesados en la política y la historia de América Latina, en la integración regional en América del Norte, en la teoría de Relaciones Internacionales, en la Diplomacia Económica, en Economía Política, y en Política Comparada

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The Most Dangerous Man in the Country

Filinto Müller of Brazil

R. S. Rose

Filinto Müller was the most despised police chief in Brazilian history and later a detested senator. Müller bore the brunt of many accusations of police wrongdoing owing to charges by yellow-journalist David Nasser. This volume examines the totality of Müller’s life and is the result of 11 years of research in which 66,704 documents, 500 newspapers clippings, and 165 visual items were examined. Numerous interviews were likewise conducted. This work has uncovered little archival evidence to substantiate direct charges against Müller. This book argues, however, that Müller was responsible for the invention of modern-day death squads, the first of their kind in the Americas.

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Zia Ul Haque Shamsi

The India-Pakistan relationship is complex and choreographed with wars, protracted conflicts and active disputes. Though the presence of nuclear weapons has decreased the probability of an all-out conventional war, the frequency of minor conflicts, and crises have increased manifold. India considers nuclear weapons a deterrent against nuclear strikes, whereas Pakistan assumes that these would deter a nuclear as well as a conventional war. The central argument of this book is that another military engagement between India and Pakistan, similar to one in February 2019, exists with varying degrees of probability, thus challenging the efficacy of nuclear deterrence. Until the probabilities of military engagements are minimized, the possibilities of peace and stability in the region would remain elusive. Therefore, the situation asks for scholarly contribution in developing a new paradigm wherein the two nuclear neighbors are made to recognize the need to resolve their disputes instead of just managing them, to avoid recurrence of violent conflicts that can lead to a catastrophic nuclear exchange, no matter how limited it is.

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Jean Kachiga

This book examines succinctly the substantive assumptions of each one of the main international relations theories, namely realism, liberalism, constructivism, the English school, critical theory and idealism, against China's choices and behavior as an international actor. The author seeks to articulate how China's choices and behavior alternatively reflect and vindicate, or challenge and reject reigning assumptions of international relations theory.

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The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy

A Trumpian World of Uncertainty or A Decline of Pax-Americana

Wassim Daghrir

This book offers a serious investigation of one of the most controversial contemporary American Studies issues: President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Actually, an ambiguous, inconsistent uncertainty would best describe President Trump’s approach to foreign affairs. This book investigates Trump’s foreign policy agenda, style, principles, priorities, and patterns. The main challenge of this book is to check whether President Trump’s foreign policy initiatives are faithful to the traditional and modern-era foreign policy schools (such as ‘America First’), or whether they are merely inconsistent, impulsive, incoherent initiatives which lack the complexity of a serious foreign policy agenda or doctrine? This book puts the nature of Pax-Americana and US Exceptionalism face to face with the assumption of a post-American world. It also examines the ‘Trump Doctrine’ as what Trump himself described as a ‘brand new’ foreign policy. Thus, this book offers a further assessment of the assumption that Trump is establishing a new school of American foreign policy.

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Confrontations au national-socialisme dans l'Europe francophone et germanophone (1919-1949) / Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Nationalsozialismus im deutsch- und französischsprachigen Europa (1919-1949

Volume 4: Conservateurs, nationalistes, anciens nationaux-socialistes/Band 4: Konservative, Nationalisten, ehemalige Nationalsozialisten


Edited by Michel Grunewald and Olivier Dard

Quelle fut la perception et l’interprétation du national-socialisme comme idéologie et comme pratique du pouvoir dans l’Europe francophone et germanophone entre le début des années 1920 et la fin des années 1940? Telle est la question au centre de la série de six volumes inaugurée en 2017 et qui propose une typologie des regards et des savoirs relatifs au national-socialisme et des interprétations suscitées par celui-ci à travers l’analyse systématique de monographies, de journaux et de revues représentatifs de l’opinion et des milieux intellectuels des pays intéressés. Le présent volume, quatrième de la série, s’intéresse aux positions adoptées par les chrétiens démocrates, des hommes de droite, des nationalistes, des «révolutionnaires conservateurs et anciens nationaux-socialistes, ainsi que des nationalistes culturels face au national-socialisme. Il propose des études relatives à des interprétations du national-socialisme ainsi que d’autres centrées sur la vision de ce mouvement politique diffusée par une série de périodiques représentatifs.

Wie werden Ideologie, Etablierung und Herrschaft des Nationalsozialismus in den deutsch- und französischsprachigen Räumen Europas vom Beginn der 1920er bis zum Ende der 1940er Jahre wahrgenommen, bewertet und erklärt? In sechs systematisch angelegten Bänden, der erste erschien 2017, werden diese Fragen anhand einer exemplarischen Auswahl von Büchern, Zeitungen und Zeitschriften ebenso untersucht wie die unterschiedlichen Deutungen des Nationalsozialismus in seiner Epoche und den unmittelbaren Jahren nach seinem Ende. Im Zentrum des vierten Bandes stehen Christliche Demokraten, Nationalkonservative, Nationalisten unterschiedlicher Couleur sowie ehemalige Nationalsozialisten. Die Beiträge sind den verschiedenen Interpretationen des Nationalsozialismus in diesem weiten politischen Spektrum gewidmet, insbesondere auch aus der Perspektive repräsentativer Zeitschriften dieser weltanschaulichen Segmente.

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John Michael Weaver and Benjamin T. Johnson

This study turned the tables on a conventional understanding of the four instruments of national power (diplomacy, information, military and economic measures/D.I.M.E.) to see how potential adversaries could use these against the national security interests of Canada and the United States. Moreover, this particular work focuses on qualitative research regarding cyber threats that have continually beleaguered these nations by malevolent actors mostly over the last five years. This study also affords consideration to how nefarious individuals, non-state actors, or nation states can implement the instruments of national power through the application of a new model named the York Intelligence Red Team Model-Cyber (YIRTM-C) using sources guided by the Federal Qualitative Secondary Data Case Study Triangulation Model to arrive at results.

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Edited by Tiffany N. Florvil and Vanessa D. Plumly

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Mesoamerican Rituals and the Solar Cycle

New Perspectives on the Veintena Festivals


Edited by Élodie Dupey García and Elena Mazzetto

This book explores a seminal topic concerning the Mesoamerican past: the religious festivals that took place during the eighteen periods of twenty days, or veintenas, into which the solar year was divided. Pre-Columbian societies celebrated these festivals through complex rituals, involving the priests and gods themselves, embodied in diverse beings and artifacts. Specific sectors of society also participated in the festivals, while city inhabitants usually attended public ceremonies. As a consequence, this ritual cycle played a significant role in Mesoamerican religious life; at the same time, it informs us about social relations in pre-Columbian societies. Both religious and social aspects of the solar cycle festivals are tackled in the twelve contributions in this book, which aims to address the entire veintena sequence and as much of the territory and history of Mesoamerica as possible. Specifically, the book revisits long-standing discussions of the solar cycle festivals, but also explores these religious practices in original ways, in particular through investigating understudied rituals and offering new interpretations of rites that have previously been extensively analyzed. Other chapters consider the entire veintena sequence through the prism of specific topics, providing multiple though often complementary analyses. As a consequence, this book will attract the attention of scholars and graduate students with interests in Mesoamerica and early Latin America, as well as ethnohistory, cultural history, history of religions, art history, archaeology and anthropology.

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Kangzhi Zhang and Qianyou Zhang

Modern Chinese Government is a primer on Chinese government, taking the government's changes and expansions throughout history as two dimensions along which to introduce its formation and development, its organizational structure and authoritative framework, and the scope of its functions. Furthermore, this book looks ahead to the future prospects of China's government. Overall, it aims to give readers a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Chinese government.