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A Companion

Edited by Jack Fennell

What is Sci-Fi?

Science fiction is a non-realist genre that foregrounds a sense of material plausibility, insisting that despite seeming outlandish, it is consonant with history and the laws of nature. By turns subtle and bombastic, sci-fi revels in discovery and revelation, whether through human ingenuity or world-altering paradigm shifts. The same impulse informs both the idealism of Star Trek and the existential terror of Frankenstein.

Each chapter of this book examines a specific trope or theme through a different critical lens – including eco-criticism, feminism and historicism – while also providing a historical overview of the genre, from its disputed origins to the pulp era, the New Wave, and the exponential growth of Afrofuturism and Indigenous Futurisms. Revered masters such as Isaac Asimov, Octavia Butler and Iain M. Banks are considered alongside newer talents, including Rebecca Roanhorse, N. K. Jemisin and Kameron Hurley. Other chapters provide overviews of different media, from television (Doctor Who, Westworld) to comics/manga (2000AD, Métal Hurlant, Attack on Titan), video games (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) and theatre (Alistair McDowall’s X).

Sci-Fi: A Companion not only provides an accessible introduction to sci-fi for general readers and researchers alike, but also illuminates new approaches to a familiar genre.

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Edited by Maria Eisenmann

Der vorliegende Band setzt sich mit der didaktischen Implementierung Shakespeares Werk auseinander. Im Fokus stehen dabei die in jüngster Zeit radikal veränderten medialen sowie literatur- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Bedingungen unter Berücksichtigung neuester didaktischer Erkenntnisse. Darüber hinaus verfolgt der Band das Ziel, neue interdisziplinäre Einblicke in verschiedene aktuelle Themen und Ansätze der Lehre Shakespeares im (Hoch-) Schulunterricht zu ermöglichen. Der Fokus ist darauf gerichtet, Theorie und Praxis zu verbinden, um so Studierenden, Wissenschaftler/innen und auch Lehrer/innen grundlegendes Wissen im Bereich der heutigen Shakespeare-Rezeption sowie praktische Beispiele, die sich in verschiedenen Unterrichtssituationen bewährt haben, zu vermitteln.

This volume deals with the methodological implementation of Shakespeare's work. The focus is on the recently radically changed media, literary and cultural studies conditions, taking into account the latest research findings in EFL methodology. In addition, the volume aims to provide new interdisciplinary insights into various current topics and approaches for teaching Shakespeare to all ages. The focus is on combining theory and practice to transmit profound knowlegde to university students and lecturers as well as to teachers. The essays in this collection try to account for both perspectives by giving an overview of contemporary Shakespeare scholarship as well as practical examples that have proven successful in a wide range of classroom situations.

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Arkadiusz Misztal

This book studies the complex relations between time and visual technologies in the oeuvre of Thomas Pynchon within the general framework of the culture and politics of time. It argues that notwithstanding a postmodern tendency towards the spatialization of experience, temporality constitutes a major concern in Pynchon’s novels, which explore the problematic of time-experience and temporal representation against the background of the contemporary technosphere and its temporal regimes. By examining photography, cinema, television, computers, and the Internet, this book puts Pynchon’s engagement with visual technologies into a perspective that elucidates their workings as time machines in relation to both experientiality and materiality.

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Frank R. Ardolino

Spenser, Kyd, and the Authorship of "The Spanish Tragedy" maintains that Edmund Spenser and not Thomas Kyd is the author of The Spanish Tragedy, written in 1590/1592. This argument is based on the strength of the internal evidence and not on computermetrics, linguistic statistics, or parallel passages. The Spanish Tragedy and Spenser’s works are united by sources, themes, methods, and language to the point of authorial equation. Thomas Heywood provided the only attribution of the play to Kyd in 1612, but given the depth of the learning, the apocalyptic context of the anti-Spanish theme, and the literary, rhetorical, and metadramatic sophistication of The Spanish Tragedy, it is much more probable that Spenser wrote it and not the nearly anonymous journeyman writer Kyd. The internal evidence for a new attribution is compelling, and since the proposed author is Spenser, who is supposed to have been hostile to the public theater, the revelation of his hidden authorship of the most popular and influential play of the period is significant not only for Spenserian studies but also for the history of English literature.

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Arguing About Britain and Europe in Parliamentary Discourse

Imagined Communities in Liberal Democrat Leaders’ Debate Contributions (1997–2010)

Marlene Herrschaft-Iden

Since the fateful referendum in 2016, Brexit dominates British politics. This book focuses on the parliamentary discourse of the allegedly most pro-European British political party, the Liberal Democrats. Combining a political discourse analysis with a Cultural Studies perspective, it scrutinises the party leaders’ contributions to parliamentary debates on European integration regarding the arguments they advanced to justify their position from 1997–2010 and the verbal images they used to describe both Europe and Britain. The study’s results contribute to understanding the current dynamics in British politics: sending mixed messages at best, the pro-European actors failed to make a convincing and coherent case for a common European future in the past.

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Lust’s Dominion; or, the Lascivious Queen / El dominio de la lujuria, o, la reina lasciva (ca. 1598-1600), by/de Thomas Dekker, John Marston, John Day, William Haughton

A critical and annotated edition and translation into Spanish/Edición crítica y anotada y traducción al español


Edited by Primavera Cuder and Jesús López-Peláez Casellas

This scholarly edition of Thomas Dekker, John Marston, John Day, and William Haughton’s Lust’s Dominion; or, the Lascivious Queen (ca. 1598-1600) is the first in half a century and the first ever translation into Spanish. The comprehensive introduction in English and Spanish examines the contexts of the play addressing such topics as ethnicity and alterity, Anglo-Spanish relations and the roles of women.

La presente edición de El dominio de la lujuria, o, la reina lasciva (ca. 1598-1600) de Thomas Dekker, John Marston, John Day y William Haughton incluye la primera traducción jamás realizada al español además de la primera edición crítica en inglés en medio siglo. Una extensa introducción presenta los contextos de la obra en detalle, estudiando aspectos tales como la alteridad, los roles de la mujer y las relaciones anglo-españolas en la época.

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Thomas Simmons

Obscenity and Disruption in the Poetry of Dylan Krieger is the first full-length study of the radical poetry of Baton Rouge-based poet Dylan Krieger. Wickedly smart, iconoclastic, daring in their critiques of religion and contemporary culture, Krieger’s poems rank with Allen Ginsberg’s and Adrienne Rich’s as the most provocative and avant-garde of any recent generation. With its debt to third-wave feminism and the "Gurlesque," Krieger’s work nevertheless moves outward and backward across the landmines of sexual precocity and religious fundamentalism and across the entire western project of epistemology as Krieger came to understand it at the University of Notre Dame. Though this book necessarily stays close to Krieger’s specific poems, it follows her lead in stretching her cultural, sexual, and religious furies to their apotheosis in a manifesto of liberation.

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Małgorzata Myk

The author frames her reconstruction of the Bay Area poet, scholar, and experimental prose writer Leslie Scalapino’s transmedial poetics in the context of Scalapino’s published writings, available criticism of her works, as well as previously unpublished archival materials located among The Mandeville Special Collections and Archives at UC San Diego. Scalapino’s poetics are reconsidered here along the lines of new materialist modes of inquiry as well as contemporary new realist and speculative approaches that continue to grapple with the tension between thought and the social realm.

«This is a pioneering attempt at grasping the ways in which Scalapino’s oeuvre radically transforms our apprehension of the notion of reality.» — Professor Zofia Kolbuszewska, University of Wroclaw

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Edited by David W. Atkinson

The Works of James Melville presents both published and unpublished prose and poetry by Scottish divine James Melville (1556-1614). James Melville has been largely ignored as a significant figure in the life of the Scottish Church in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. While his Diary and Autobiography is often referenced as an important account of the Scottish Kirk, the rest of his writing remains unavailable to modern scholars. The result is that we are without an important resource for understanding the spiritual dynamics of the Scottish Church, as well as the devotional life of the ordinary believer. This edition--which incorporates vital critical commentary on each of the selected works--endeavors to fill this scholarly lacuna, and to excite interest in Melville as a self-conscious writer who drew on all manner of sources, even as he developed a distinctive voice that positioned him as an important religious writer of the Reformation. Melville's understanding of his role as a pastor of the Church--and of his ultimate responsibility for saving souls--gives his writing a power that signals his own deeply held faith, which in turn inspires so much of his poetry and prose. It is hoped that The Works of James Melville will encourage others to give Melville the kind of scholarly attention that sheds light on his contribution to Scottish history, religion, and literature.

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The Nation of Islam and Black Consciousness

The Works of Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, and Other Writers


Ammar Abduh Aqeeli

The Nation of Islam and Black Consciousness: The Works of Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, and Other Writers engages in the scholarly discussions about the origins and formation of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, which rarely give credit to the role of the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) teachings in the emergence of the movement and in shaping the subjects and themes of its literary works. This book reevaluates the common belief that Malcolm X is the most appealing black historical figure in the movement’s literature and demonstrates how the NOI’s perception of black consciousness shaped the aesthetic sensibilities of the movement’s poets and playwrights in their fights against anti-black racism. The Nation of Islam and Black Consciousness can be used in African American literature courses as it provides a thorough analysis of hidden literary texts written by black writers in the 1960s and 1970s. Reading this book today will help readers reflect on how a narrow understanding of "Americanness" is threatening to the American ideals of diversity and inclusiveness on which America was founded. Moreover, this book is useful for those who are interested in studying how identity politics functions to achieve certain social and cultural goals.