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Danielle Lake and Barry Kanpol

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Tact and the Pedagogical Relation

Introductory Readings

Edited by Norm Friesen

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Radical Animal Studies

Beyond Respectability Politics, Opportunism, and Cooptation


Edited by Anthony J. Nocella II and Kim Socha

Radial Animal Studies: Beyond Respectability Politics, Opportunism, and Cooptation is a scholar-activist book emerging out of the field of Critical Animal Studies (CAS). Radical Animal Studies (RAS) edited by Anthony J. Nocella II and Kim Socha recognizes and values the goal of total liberation and the importance of underground revolutionary direct action. RAS is a complement to, not in conflict with, CAS. Indeed, RAS is dedicated to two of the ten CAS principles: seven (total liberation) and nine (radical politics and strategies). This book is an essential read for social justice community organizers, animal liberation activists, and intersectional total liberation scholars.
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Fight the Power

Breakin Down Hip Hop Activism


Edited by Arash Daneshzadeh, Anthony J. Nocella II, Chandra Ward and Ahmad R. Washington

Fight the Power: Breakin Down Hip Hop Activism, co-edited by provocative and Fiercely intelligent Hip Hop heads Arash Daneshzadeh, Anthony J. Nocella II, Chandra Ward, and Ahmad Washington, is a fresh thought-provoking book that engages in social justice, Black Lives Matter, Hip Hop, youth culture, and current affairs. This must-read is a timely and powerfully engaging collection of interviews by outstanding, brilliant BIPOC Hip Hop activists from around the United States. Their stories are a poignant testimony for what is happening in the streets against racism, classism, police brutality, prisons, hate groups, and white supremacy. This dope-ass book that screams loud FTP is perfect for any reader at any age.
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Vegans on Speciesism and Ableism

Ecoability Voices for Disability and Animal Justice


Edited by Anthony J. Nocella II and Amber E. George

This powerful intersectional social justice book examines animal, disability, and environmental oppression and justice. Located in disability studies, sociology, environmental justice, food justice, and critical animal studies, this book engages the reader in an intersectional ecological manner for an inclusive interdependent global community. This outstanding collection of original articles by scholars from around the world discusses the need to acknowledge the relationships among nonhuman animals, those with disabilities, and the environment. Adaptive sports from mountain biking to rock climbing is saving the lives of those with disabilities from extreme depression and suicide at the same time those with disabilities are becoming some of the most loyal advocates for defending the environment from human destruction. Those with disabilities are being welcomed into the animal rights movement and also introduced to nonhuman animals not as merely service animals, but as friends, allies, and companions.
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God, Guns, Capitalism, and Hypermasculinity

Commentaries on the Culture of Firearms in the United States


Warren J. Blumenfeld

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gun-related deaths have reached epidemic proportions in the Unites States, snuffing out the lives of well over 30,000 people (with 1/3 homicides and the remainder suicides and accidents) and wounding many more annually. Everytown organization found that on average, 96 people are killed by guns every day, and for every person killed by a gun, two more are injured. Seven children and teens are killed on average daily. Many of the guns used in these killings reach military-level weapons power, guns which currently remain legal to purchase. Today in the United States, there are approximately 101 firearms per 100 people. The Unites States ranks high when compared with 22 other wealthy industrialized nations in per capita gun-related deaths with 3.85 per 100,000 residents, compared, for example, with the United Kingdom at 0.07, Japan at 0.04, Germany at 0.12, Indonesia at 0.10, and Oman at 0.06.

This book covers issues of firearms violence and efforts at common sense reform from multiple perspectives, including a culture and climate of firearms addressed from a historical, social, governmental, legal, and psychological perspective; political activism and organizing strategies; and options for reform. It is written in a clear and accessible style from a progressive political perspective.

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Learning to Teach in Underserved Schools

A Socio-constructivist Perspective

Delin Kong

This book examines the complex issues of student teachers’ professional learning in the unique while worthwhile context of underserved schools in English language teacher education, against the backdrop of preparing 21st-century teachers who can work with all students. Drawing on a socio-constructivist perspective, this book explores student teachers’ learning outcomes, learning processes, and influencing factors of their learning during the placement in underserved schools. Learning outcomes are presented by disseminating student teachers’ development in various categories of practical knowledge, including knowledge of self, knowledge of context, knowledge of curriculum, subject matter knowledge, knowledge of instruction, knowledge of English teachers and the teaching profession, as well as knowledge of interpersonal relationships. Learning processes are revealed that student teachers learn by broadening, consolidating, deepening, and developing practical knowledge in the upward spiral with individual knowledge categories, and by integrating practical knowledge from different knowledge categories. Additionally, different factors have influenced the professional learning experiences, including student teachers’ practical knowledge before teaching practicums, critical incidents happened during teaching practicum, student teachers’ observant and reflective stances, the underserved school settings, people involved in the practicums, and the student teachers’ goals for taking part in the practicums.

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Asian/American Scholars of Education

21st Century Pedagogies, Perspectives, and Experiences, Second Edition


Edited by Nicholas D. Hartlep, Daisy Ball and Kevin E. Wells

This second edition of Asian/American Scholars of Education: 21st Century Pedagogies, Perspectives, and Experiences shares an updated number of Asian/American luminaries in the field of education. This updated collection of essays and national data analyses acknowledges the struggle that Asian/American Education scholars have faced when it comes to being regarded as legitimate scholars deserving of endowed or distinguished status in the field of education. The chapter contributors in this second edition include postdoctoral mentees, former students, and colleagues of the newly added Asian/American endowed and distinguished professors featured in the book: Hua-Hua Chang, Nicholas Hartlep, Guofang Li, Justin Perry, and Kui Xie. Asian/American Scholars of Education makes an important impact by continuing to ask: Why are there so few Asian/American endowed and distinguished faculty members in education?

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Community-Owned Knowledge

The Promise of Collaborative Action Research

Gilberto Arriaza and Lyn Scott

This book aims at providing the framework and the tools for the transformation of the workplace. The core framework here proposed to teachers, school administrators, counselors, parents, and education leaders from kindergarten to college consists of building domestic knowledge. Unearthing and fostering an organization’s own knowledge, the book posits, translates into collectively shared understandings, skills, and dispositions which, in the aggregate translates into local capacity. The more members of an organization become involved in knowledge production, the denser its ability to deliver its stated mission. When an organization systematically implements a critical, intentional, and collective action to dig into its own day-to-day practices and brings up to the surface knowledge that has not been systematized, the higher the chances for the organization to create a shared sense of purpose and the know-how to deliver its promises. Thus, the book walks the reader from the very first to the last step of this knowledge making through an innovative approach to collaborative action research.
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Roadmap to a successful PhD in Business & management and the social sciences

The definitive guide for postgraduate researchers

Glauco De Vita, Jason Begley and David Bowen

This book provides the most comprehensive roadmap to a successful PhD completion, thus offering a useful guide for aspiring and existing doctoral students in business and management disciplines and the social sciences (including, inter alia, international business, marketing, management, management education, organisation studies, tourism and hospitality, accounting, finance, law, and economics). The book is written for a global audience of prospective and existing postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and can be used and implemented as a core text in PhD induction programmes, across countries. Academic supervisors too should find this book a valuable resource on how they can fulfil their responsibility to guide PGRs toward a successful completion of their doctorate. Specific practical guidance is informed, at strategic points throughout the text, by stories of the lived experience of past PGRs as well as the authors’ personal professional anecdotes and real-life examples of «how to» and «how not to».

This compendium of useful information and tools draws from the authors’ decades of experience in teaching at all levels of educational provision (from undergraduate programmes through to the Doctorate of Business Administration), publishing in academic journals of high repute, successful PhD supervision and examining (in the UK and abroad), and in their roles as strategic and academic directors of doctoral programmes in different UK universities.