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Poland and the Origins of the Second World War

A Study in Diplomatic History (1938–1939)


Marek Kornat

This monograph deals with Polish foreign policy shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. In tracing the diplomatic activity of foreign minister Józef Beck, it discusses six general problems: (1) the Polish political situation under the pressure of appeasement; (2) the project of Intermarium and efforts to implement it; (3) the action against Czechoslovakia and the conflict with the Soviet Union; (4) the Polish attitude towards the German concept of Gesamtlosung in Germany’s relations with Poland; (5) the genesis of the Polish alliance with Great Britain; (6) the Allies’ military inaction after Nazi Germany’s aggression. In these conditions, Poland made four key decisions: it stood against Czechoslovakia, it rejected German demands, it allied itself with the United Kingdom, and it rejected the Soviet Union’s claim for the Red Army to march across Polish lands.

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Igor Okunev

This textbook on political geography is devoted to a discipline concerned with the spatial dimensions of politics. This course is an introduction to the study of political science, international relations and area studies, providing a systemic approach to the spatial dimension of political processes at all levels. It covers their basic elements, including states, supranational unions, geopolitical systems, regions, borders, capitals, dependent, and internationally administered territories. Political geography develops fundamental theoretical approaches that give insight into the peculiarities of foreign and domestic policies. The ability to use spatial analysis techniques allows determining patterns and regularities of political phenomena both at the global and the regional and local levels.

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Staatenlexikon Asien

Geographie, Geschichte, Kultur, Politik und Wirtschaft

Edited by Wolfgang Gieler and Sabine Wege

Das Staatenlexikon vermittelt grundlegende Kenntnisse zu Geographie, Kultur, Politik und Wirtschaft der asiatischen Staatenwelt. In alphabetischer Reihenfolge – von Afghanistan bis Vietnam – werden alle 46 Staaten behandelt. Die Besonderheit des Lexikons besteht in der Analyse gegenwärtiger gesellschaftspolitischer und ökonomischer Entwicklungen als historisch bedingte Prozesse. Alle Länderprofile geben kompakt und profund Auskunft über historische und aktuelle Entwicklungen. Das Buch weist zudem weiterführende Literatur zu jedem Land aus. Zielgruppen sind vor allem Wissenschaftler, Studierende, Dozenten, Journalisten und sonstige Mittler politischer Bildung sowie alle politisch Interessierten. Ein Grundlagenwerk für alle, die sich mit den Staaten Asiens beschäftigen.

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Edited by Martina Engelbrecht and Gabriela Ociepa-Joachimsthaler

Das Forschungsfeld der Transkulturalität und Interkulturalität reicht von literatur- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Fragen über philosophische und ästhetische Ansätze.
In diesem Sammelband setzen sich Vertreterinnen und Vertreter unterschiedlicher Disziplinen mit der Frage auseinander, was der Gegenstandsbereich der Interkulturalität und Transkulturalität umfasst. Sie untersuchen den Verwendungszweck beider Begriffe und erörtern ob diese sich gegenseitig ergänzen oder ausschließen. Die Beiträger nehmen hierzu auch Themen wie Sprachvarietäten, Kulturübersetzung, Wissenstransfer und interkulturelle Hochschulkommunikation in den Fokus.

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Wine, Networks and Scales

Intermediation in the production, distribution and consumption of wine


Edited by Stéphanie Lachaud-Martin, Corinne Marache, Julie McIntyre and Mikaël Pierre

Wine as a product arises from human connections in know-how and trade as much as from the natural environment in which grapes are grown. At each stage of decision-making about growing grapes, making wine, selling and drinking it, people with different roles are networked together into systems of production and distribution. The authors in this collection offer new studies of the individuals and groups who act as connectors in these networked systems, intermediating in the delivery of wine from growers’ vines to consumers’ glasses. These actors operate at multi-layered scales of geography or within multiple regimes of governance, all the while taking account of arbitrations of quality and taste. This collection highlights how intermediators in many different wine countries and periods of history are, and have been, significant agents of continuity and change in the wine industry.

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Edited by Joy R. Bostic, Itumeleng D. Mothoagae and Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs

Black Religious Landscaping in Africa and the United States uses the prism of spatial theory to explore various aspects of Black landscapes on the African continent and Black Atlantic diasporic locations. The volume explores the ways in which Black people in Africa and in the Diaspora have identified obstacles and barriers to Black freedoms and have constructed counter-landscapes in response to these obstacles. The chapters in the book present diverse representations of the Black creative impulse to form religious landscapes and construct social, economic and political spaces that are habitable for Black people and Black bodies. These landscapes and spaces are physical, psychological and conceptual. They are gendered and racialized in ways that are shaped by their specific religious, geographic and socio-historical contexts. These contexts are influenced by colonial systems and institutions of modern slavery. The landscapes that people of African descent struggle to construct, reshape and inhabit are intended to counter the effects of these oppressive systems and institutions and often include attempts to reclaim and adapt sources, concepts, tools and techniques that are indigenous to specific geographical contexts or ethno-racial groups. The contributors hope in this volume to offer a look at how the cartographic struggles and constructive engagements within these Black-inhabited spaces are rooted in Black movements that support the emancipation of Black lives and Black bodies from the oppressive forces of dominant geographies.

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Garrison State Hegemony in U.S. Politics

A Critical Ethnohistory of Corruption and Power in the World’s Oldest ‘Democracy’

Robert A. Williams

Guided by Gramsci’s question of why so many victims support the labyrinth of their oppression, Robert A. Williams queries garrison state machinations in electioneering to promote hegemony. This pioneering ethnography explores the role and function of the U.S. garrison state in U.S. electioneering through participant observation of the United States’s largest third party—the Libertarian Party (LP)—as a window to wider sociocultural dynamics of covert power in U.S. politics. Some three decades of insider membership roles within Libertarian Party electioneering combined with two years of doctoral fieldwork provide an ethnographic window into cultural hegemony in U.S. electoral politics and sociological analysis of the information warfare that sustains it.

Anchored in original and extensive participant observation including interviews and surveys, this ethnography of United States’s sociologically understudied Libertarian Party (LP) probes the power of cultural hegemony to constrain human agency in electioneering. Through a privileged membership point of view by becoming the phenomenon, the author provides a critically reflective analysis of the sociocultural context in which LP electioneering unfolds. Membership roles in Libertarian electioneering range from donors to candidates, from volunteers to party officials, and from anti-authoritarian libertarians to authoritarian conservatives. Exploring its transition from a radical anti-establishment party to a party more in line with mainstream opinion, Williams shows how a member’s relations of shared cultural logics constrain her or his behavior to ultimately reproduce garrison state social practices.

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Edited by Przemysław Waingertner

This is another publication from the series devoted to Polish political reflection on the integration of Central and Eastern Europe. The reader will find here texts of historians, political scientists, and experts in the field of international relations. The texts concern relations between Poland and Poles, and the nations of Central and Eastern Europe: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania encompassing the period from the late nineteenth to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Apart from the facts concerning mutual relations between Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, and Bucharest, the authors discuss also their outset – Polish concepts shaping relations with Magyars, Czechs, Slovaks, and Romanians and their sovereign states that regained independence in the twentieth century.

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Nianqun Yang

This book explores the long history of how Chinese people have been observed, transformed and treated as "patients" in modern times since the late Qing Dynasty. The title of "sick man in East Asia" is not only a metaphor of Chinese being bullied, but also a driving force for their own nationalistic social change. In this sense, "treatment" is not only a simple medical process, but also the focus of political and social system reform. Individual treatment behavior has become an integral part of the group political movement. By examining the history of the conflict between Chinese and Western medicine, this book reproduces the images of missionaries, midwives, sitting doctors, doctors and practitioners, barefoot doctors, politicians and social reformers of Western medicine, reflects another historical aspect of China's social change, and shows the complex interactive game relationship between modern political evolution and traditional medical factors.

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Fritz Helling (1888-1973). Schriften, Reden und Briefe

Band 2: Monografien, autobiografische Schriften und Briefe

Jürgen Sprave

Als durch die Reformpädagogik geprägter «politischer Pädagoge» steht der Schwelmer Pädagoge und Schulreformer Fritz Helling (1888-1973) für eine Existenz im bewegtesten und spannendsten Jahrhundert der deutschen Geschichte. Helling war ein engagierter Teilnehmer am öffentlichen bildungs- und gesellschaftspolitischen Diskurs in der Bundesrepublik, plädierend für einen unauflösbaren Zusammenhang zwischen Pädagogik und Gesellschaft und folglich für eine pädagogisch-politische Lehrerexistenz. Davon zeugt sein z. T. bisher unveröffentlichtes Gesamtwerk.
In drei Bänden werden die verstreut veröffentlichten Publikationen sowie die bisher nicht publizierten Schriften, Reden und Briefe Fritz Hellings historisch-kritisch aufgearbeitet und zusammengefasst. Seinen Texten werden Sekundärtexte gegenüber gestellt, die aufzeigen, in welchen Kontexten er gewirkt und sich geäußert hat und wie diese sein Werk bestimmt haben.