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Edited by Rasim Yilmaz and Günther Löschnigg

This book, the fourth volume of Studies on Balkan and Near Eastern Social Sciences, is a collection of empirical and theoretical research papers in the social sciences regarding the Balkans and the Near East written by researchers from several different universities and institutions. The book addresses economic, financial, political, historical, sociological, and international relations and health, cultural, and feminist issues in the region of the Balkan and the Near East. The book is aimed at educators, researchers, and students interested in the Balkan and Near Eastern countries.

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Macedonia & Its Questions

Origins, Margins, Ruptures & Continuity


Edited by Victor A Friedman, Goran Janev and George Vlahov

Macedonia and its Questions: Origins, Margins, Ruptures and Continuity is a multi-disciplinary book of 11 chapters, containing contributions that span the fields of linguistics, political science, sociology, history and law. The title of the book purposefully references but simultaneously interrogates and challenges the idea that certain nation-states and certain ethnicities can in some way constitute a "question" while others do not. The "Macedonian Question" generally has the status of a problem that involves questioning the very existence of Macedonians and one of the aims of this volume is to reframe the nature of the discussion.

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Ukrainian, Russophone, (Other) Russian

Hybrid Identities and Narratives in Post-Soviet Culture and Politics


Marco Puleri

What is the role and position of Russophone/Russian culture in Ukraine today? How can the dynamics of Ukrainian culture lend insight into the possibility of a global Russian culture, or multiple Russian cultures, in the contemporary world? The author responds to these questions by investi-gating the interplay between literature, politics, market, and identity in the contemporary Ukrainian cultural process (1991–2018). This book explores the contested encounters of the Russian language and culture with other languages, cultures, and traditions in the post-Soviet space, highlighting pressing contemporary issues related to—and affected by—political and social developments.

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Texte zu digitalen Welten und analogen Formaten von Claus Friede


Edited by Dagmar Reichardt and Gudrun Thiessen-Schneider

Dieses Buch präsentiert erstmals das Werk des Kurators, Kunstkenners und Kulturvermittlers Claus Friede als proaktiv schreibenden, überraschend vielseitigen und versatilen Autor. Ein Textkorpus von 85 repräsentativen Beiträgen aus den vergangenen 30 Jahren (1990-2020) illustriert Friedes breit angelegtes Themenspektrum aus den Bereichen Kunst, Musik, Film, Literatur und Kultur. Prägnant zeichnen sie seine intellektuelle und mediale Wende von der analogen zur digitalen Welt nach. Der zweite Buchteil lenkt den „fremden" Blick auf Friedes Schaffen aus der Perspektive diverser Kollegen und Freunde. Ein ausführlicher biobibliographischer Anhang sowie reichhaltiges Bildmaterial runden den prismatischen Einblick in die transkulturellen Wirkungskreise von Claus Friede ab.

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Nadine Eggimann Zanetti

Values and virtues play an important role in military organizations. In par-ticular, armies can be understood as institutions that are guided by values and virtues, endeavoring to promote them. A common understanding within the military organization relating the relevant values  and virtues is therefore essential. In many armed forces, there are lists of relevant values and virtues that have mostly grown historically. In the context of this vol-ume, special emphasis has been devoted to the value and virtue culture and its importance within a military organization. Specifically, the dimen-sional structure of values  and virtues was analyzed. Through a systematic survey of the military target groups and a factor analytical assessment within the Swiss Armed Forces, the core values and virtues were catego-rized and defined. These values and virtues describe the current culture of the Swiss Armed Forces and contribute to a binding support of the objectives of military education.
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Yranahan Traoré

The book investigates the morphology and phonology of the nominal domain in Tagbana of the Senufo group of Côte d’Ivoire. The nominal domain is the locus of a phenomenon called ‘alliterative concord’, a special kind of concord expressed by consonantal alliteration. All dependent morphemes of a head noun share articulatory features, which are realized on the onset of the first syllable of each morpheme. In this way, the articulatory features signal the class of the dependent morphemes. This volume also discusses the segment inventory and the syllable structure and describes the complex noun operations in the nominal domain. Distributed Morphology and Optimal Theory form the theoretical background of the empirical facts.

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Segregated Britain

Everyday Life in Muslim Enclaves

Farhaan Wali

There has been growing concern about the gradual segregation of Muslims living within the United Kingdom. Since the 2001 riots in the north of England, several government reports identified the lack of social integration as a critical factor. This book explores how and why some Muslim individuals and communities seek to live apart in isolated enclaves, providing a compelling new perspective from which to understand the lives of contemporary British Muslims. The author examines everyday life in Muslim enclaves. By framing Muslim experiences around different generational perspectives, he is able to illustrate the cultural gaps between first- and second-generation Muslims, adding to the complexity of everyday Muslim life. The social reality of Muslim segregation appears to evolve in accordance with the needs of each historical period. In essence, each generation has its own distinct set of conflicts that influence the development of Muslim identity, belonging and segregation.

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Subtitling Television Series

A Corpus-Driven Study of Police Procedurals


Blanca Arias-Badia

Television series are regarded as significant works of popular culture in today’s society, which explains the increasing demand to translate them into other languages to reach larger audiences. This book focuses on one of the two most common modes of audiovisual translation for this type of product: subtitling. The naturalness that is expected in television dialogue together with the spoken-to-written medium conversion entailed in subtitling pose a challenge for professionals, who have been typically blamed for neutralising the source dialogue. Little to no empirical evidence, however, has been provided to effectively address this issue to date.

This book offers a contrastive study of the American English television dialogue and the Castilian Spanish subtitles of three popular police procedurals: Castle (2009), Dexter (2006) and The Mentalist (2008). After introducing some basic notions to frame the study – such as translation norms, audiovisual text and fictive orality – more than twenty lexical and morphosyntactic features in the series are analysed from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. Throughout the chapters, a combination of corpus-based and corpus-driven methodologies are used to offer a sound, empirically grounded characterisation of the language employed in these audiovisual productions and their translations.

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Linguistische Beiträge zur Slavistik

XXVI. und XXVII. JungslavistInnen-Treffen, 6. bis 8. September 2017 in Bamberg und 12. bis 14. September 2018 in Heidelberg


Edited by Ivana Lederer, Anna-Maria Meyer and Katrin Schlund

Der Sammelband präsentiert Beiträge zum XXVI. und XXVII. JungslavistInnen-Treffen, die in Bamberg (2017) und Heidelberg (2018) stattfanden. Die Beiträge liefern Erkenntnisse aus der aktuellen Arbeit der AutorInnen, die ein breites Spektrum moderner slavistisch-linguistischer Forschung abbilden. Unter anderem werden neue methodische Ansätze und empirische Ergebnisse der Linguistic-Landscape-Forschung vorgestellt sowie graphematische, diskursanalytische, diachron-historische und morphosyntaktische Themen diskutiert.

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Doing Family on the Move

Highly-Skilled Migrants in Switzerland and Germany

Florian Tissot

This book focuses on the coordination between family life and professional career under the condition of repeated mobilities. It analyses the division between the labour force work and the care work of couples of highly-skilled migrants settling in either Switzerland or Germany. A mutually exclusive model provides an innovative understanding of gendered hierarchies in career achievement. The male partners operate three parallel elements: an upward professional career, a family-life implying child(ren), and maintaining their availability to further unplanned relocations. The female partners can only coordinate two of these concurrently. In fact, the male partners combine the three elements by taking advantage of specific, and mostly invisible, care work that the female partner provides.