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Włodzimierz Piątkowski

This monograph is the first book in medical sociology that comprehensively describes the research conceptions of the co-founder of the European medical sociology, Professor Magdalena Sokołowska (1922–1989). The study characterizes the stages of formation of the scientific foundations of medical sociology in Europe: the evolution of approach to the phenomena of health and illness from the medical to sociological perspective, the development of feminist studies in medical sociology, the emergence of scientific identity of the subdiscipline, models of interdisciplinary studies on health, and research into complementary and alternative medicine.

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Future of The European Union Integration:

A Failure or A Success? Future Expectations

Edited by Altuğ Günar and Burak Darici

The Future of the European Union Integration: A Failure or a Success? Future expectations are making an effort in investigating the present and future developments in the European Union integration regarding the challenges the EU had encountered since the 2000s to 2018. During the last two decades, the EU integration had faced several crises endangering its reason of existence, including the Constitutional Crisis, 2008 Financial and Economic Crisis, Migration Crises, and Brexit. In this respect, two different arguments predict the future of the EU integration, while some groups think that the EU will lose its existence reason, others claim that the EU will be integrated more than before eliminating crises and rebuilding new capacities.

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Decolonization(s) and Education

New Polities and New Men


Marcelo Caruso and Daniel Maul

New polities emerged during the processes of decolonization. The break with the colonial past was not only political, but also more general. While conventional wisdom defines education as a field of action reproducing society in time, decolo-nization placed broader and more radical demands on the field: to produce a new society. For this purpose, new forms of education and schooling were required, although the importance of inherited institutions and practices in education were still significant. This collection of chapters offers scholarly insights into this problem by covering different processes of decolonization and the challenges of education in the last two hundred years.
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Edited by Angelo Pagliardini and Alexandra Vranceanu

In che modo la descrizione delle opere d’arte e dei monumenti dell’Urbe, negli scrittori dell’Ottocento, ha portato alla formazione di una sorta di museo europeo ideale? Accanto alla ricerca delle caratteristiche proprie di ogni cultura nazionale, i viaggiatori che intraprendevano il Grand Tour concepivano anche una sorta di carta culturale dell’Europa. Su questa carta, Roma costituiva una destinazione importante, divenuta un punto ineludibile fin dal secolo precedente, soprattutto dopo che Winckelmann aveva presentato la Città Eterna come tappa essenziale per la conoscenza del bello ideale.

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Edited by Fatih Türkmen

A compilation of current academic studies on the tourism sector of Turkey, the 23 chapters of this book have been written by tourism academicians who are experts in their respective fields. The chapters contain qualitative or quantitative research data and current statistical data, making this book useful for academic research. I thank all the contributors and dedicate this book to my family.

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Barriers to Rebuilding the African American Community

Understanding the Issues Facing Today’s African Americans from a Social Work Perspective

Tywan Ajani

Barriers to Rebuilding the African American Community explores the major threats and roots affecting both America’s most racially polarized periods as well as the major issues plaguing the African American community. The author provides intelligent insight into the deeper roots of America’s long history and struggle with racism as well as the solution. The author shows how a background investigation of medical science, culture, and social policy can propel or subdue an entire people group, and examines research on A.C.E.S. (Adverse Childhood Experiences), which affects all communities regardless of race. This book is an exciting and well-researched exposeì into one of America’s most electrifying socio-political movements.

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Katharine Hodgson and Alexandra Smith

The collapse of the Soviet Union forced Russia to engage in a process of nation building. This involved a reassessment of the past, both historical and cultural, and how it should be remembered. The publication of previously barely known underground and émigré literary works presented an opportunity to reappraise «official» Soviet literature and re-evaluate twentieth-century Russian literature as a whole.

This book explores changes to the poetry canon – an instrument for maintaining individual and collective memory – to show how cultural memory has informed the evolution of post-Soviet Russian identity. It examines how concerns over identity are shaping the canon, and in which directions, and analyses the interrelationship between national identity (whether ethnic, imperial, or civic) and attempts to revise the canon. This study situates the discussion of national identity within the cultural field and in the context of canon formation as a complex expression of aesthetic, political, and institutional factors. It encompasses a period of far-reaching upheaval in Russia and reveals the tension between a desire for change and a longing for stability that was expressed by attempts to reshape the literary canon and, by doing so, to create a new twentieth-century past and the foundations of a new identity for the nation.

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Softpower, Soccer, Supremacy

The Chinese Dream


Edited by J.A. Mangan, Peter Horton and Christian Tagsold

Xi Jinping’s "Soccer Revolution" is unique: the most extensive politicization and geo-politicization of the Global Game. His purpose is to extend the global softpower projection of "the Middle Kingdom": an ancient Western imperial mantra ("bread and circuses") has been replaced by a modern Eastern "imperial" mantra ("rice and pitches"). The Asian Football Federation shares this "allopathic" vision of East Asian soccer: the future is Asia and it starts in China! Soccer is a talisman for a New Asia in a New Era. For China soccer is a hubristic instrument of softpower projection. Softpower, Soccer, Supremacy: The Chinese Dream makes this point forcefully. In East Asia soccer in now "much more than a game"!

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What’s happening in cyber space?

An interdisciplinary approach

Edited by Necla Keles and Ahu Ergen

The term “cyberspace” that entered into our lives towards the end of the 20th century is
defined as: “a global platform that consists of the network containing the infrastructures
of information technologies with Internet, communication networks, computer systems,
embedded processors and controllers”. When this term is analysed, it is seen that
nearly all informatics systems minimize the human control and at many platforms,
they are connected to each other. Although the term “cyberspace” is very new, it is like
a living organism that is coordinated with scientific disciplines such as finance, defence,
health, education, transportation and security, in all manned and unmanned areas. Our
interaction with this organism covers almost all our lifespan. When looked closer, it is
seen that cyberspace must be researched not only from technology side but also from
sociology and psychology sides. So, welcome to the cyberspace journey that we prepared
for you in our book What’s Happening in Cyberspace?
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Vieillir en intérim

Fins de carrière et parcours de vie d'une population fragilisée


Nathalie Burnay

L’allongement des carrières est à l’agenda politique depuis quelques années déjà. Le maintien des travailleurs âgés en emploi est devenu une priorité des instances européennes, relayée par différents gouvernements nationaux. Cependant, si d’un côté les seniors sont de plus en plus tenus de demeurer sur le marché du travail, de l’autre, ils en éprouvent de réelles difficultés.

C’est dans cette double perspective que l’intérim en fin de carrière se développe depuis une dizaine d’années. Comment appréhender cette nouvelle réalité ? Comment comprendre les parcours professionnels et sociaux de cette population fragilisée ? A partir d’une enquête menée en Belgique francophone auprès d’intérimaires de plus de 45 ans, les réponses apportées à ces interrogations montrent toute la complexité des situations individuelles, mais font également ressortir les transformations sociales et culturelles du monde contemporain. Cet ouvrage s’adresse aux chercheurs en sciences sociales et aux professionnels du secteur de l’intérim.